Right before the Iowa caucuses, real estate mogul Donald Trump wormed out of a Fox News debate because he was scared of moderator Megyn Kelly, so he held an event to raise money for veterans. Over two months later, the veterans have yet to receive the money.

The Wall Street Journal reports that they surveyed 19 of the 22 groups that the Trump campaign said they would be donating to, and discovered that only $2.4 million has been given to the veterans. The event raised roughly $6 million.

The organizations that did get money received it in checks that were as low as $5,000 to as high as $100,000 from the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Others received money from other organizations and weren't aware that the money was rooted from Trump's event.

"It’s a little weird," Keith David of the Task Force Dagger Foundation, a Texas group assisting Special Operations Command personnel, told the Journal.

Trump's campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, told the Journal, "Mr. Trump has distributed many of the contributions to a number of worthy organizations, and will continue to do so."

Back in January, The Federalist found that the website Trump set up for the veterans, donaldtrumpforvets.com, sends the money directly to the Trump foundation.

"There is absolutely no accountability here for how Trump will spend this money," RedState's Leon Wolf wrote. "This is how hucksters like Trump operate. Rather than say that he’s going to raise money for a reputable vets organization – of which there are many – he diverts the money to his own sham tax shelter and hopes that his supporters never notice or demand an accounting for what was done with their money, as would be done for any 501 (c)(3) that was set up with the specific purpose for helping vets."

Wolf noted that the foundation hadn't done much with the money they had raised in the past. But here is one thing they have done: the Journal's report points out that the Trump foundation has come under scrutiny for making a donation in 2013 to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi when she was "considering whether to take legal action against Trump University for possible fraud." Naturally, Bondi didn't take legal action against the university and has endorsed Trump for president.

When will the veterans see the rest of that $6 million that Trump raised? Based on the foundation's actions so far, it doesn't seem like they will get it anytime soon.