The Death Of Masculinity: Male Millennial Swears He Gets His Period Every Month

The “men” of the millennial generation have tried with all their might to kill off what’s left of masculinity, bringing us man buns, male feminists, gender neutral clothing and a slew of men made in the image of Pajama Boy. But it looks like one 22-year-old university student, George Fellowes, finally put the last nail in the manhood coffin: Fellowes swears he gets his period each month.

According to the BBC, Fellowes claims that he has been getting his period “without bleeding” for three years now.He says he's so close to his best friend and flatmate Amber-May Ellis that he gets cramps when she comes on each month.” This pathetic excuse of a man says he has even taken sick days because of his “period.” That he doesn’t have.

"I do think men can have periods without bleeding," stated Fellowes.

The student explained his theory about syncing up to his flatmate's uterus: "I think it's a psychological thing because we're so close, we feel the same emotions,” he said. "If you're hanging out with someone and you're really close, I think it's only natural your hormones would sync up.”

Continuing, Fellowes said that the period symptoms set in “like clockwork every month.”

"I get pain in my lower abdomen and in the groin area. I get super moody, really erratic and angry with most of my friends,” he added.

Though the millennial owned up to getting “emotional” during that time of the month, but made it clear that he’s not a crier: “I'm not really one for a cry but during that time of the month I'm an emotional wreck.”

That was a close call; we almost thought Fellowes was effeminate for a minute there...

Being the good feminist that Fellowes surely thinks himself to be, he made it a point to let women everywhere know that they suffer much worse period pains than he does, with his fake one.

"It's probably a pinch of salt in comparison but I'm just not used to it," he said. "Most women have it most of their lives and I've only had it a couple of years."

The BBC notes that Fellowes even asked his doctor about his period symptoms, but “there was no medical explanation and he was given abdomen pain pills.”

"I do think men can have periods without bleeding."

-George Fellowes

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists told Newsbeat it is possible for George to have a psychological response to Amber but by definition he can't suffer Premenstrual Syndrome as it is not hormonally mediated.


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