What?! Ben Shapiro Goes #Trump2016

He recently called Donald Trump a "flaming heap of human garbage" on national television, but has Ben Shapiro finally abandoned the #NeverTrump movement?

Probably not. But for one fleeting moment today at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the conservative firebrand - and Daily Wire Editor in Chief - found common cause with Mr. Trump's supporters.

During an incendiary speech to students of the university titled 'When Diversity Becomes a Problem,' Shapiro referenced a recent controversy on the campus so hate-filled and shock-inducing that it had students literally calling the police for help. Someone - undoubtedly a violent racist - had the unmitigated temerity to scrawl the phrase 'TRUMP 2016' in chalk on the sidewalk at the school.

This indignity - nay, assault - on the fragile students of the University of Michigan is part of a larger, nationwide wave of evil hate-speech deemed 'The Chalkening.' As far as anyone has been able to document, The Chalkening started on the campus of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where students were brought to tears upon discovering pro-Trump musings scratched in chalk on concrete steps on campus. This is not a joke.

Students activists immediately responded to the violation of their safe-spaces by chanting to the administration, "You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!" The administration promised to review security footage to find the inhuman Nazi-Klansman before he could strike again. Emergency funds were made available for any students who wanted to respond to this act of aggression. Again, and we cannot emphasize this enough, THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

What is a joke is the current state of free speech on American campuses, where students have been so sheltered for so long that the mere presence of non-permanent diversity of thought scribbled on the ground is enough to induce actual weeping and fear. Complete non-sequitur: 45% of college grads move back in with their parents.

Shapiro decided that his offense at the offense of the bawling students also merited an offensive response, and so he did the worst thing he could think of: He added his own handwriting to The Chalkening, spelling out #Trump2016 in chalk in the lecture hall.

As of press time, no police report has been filed against the racist Jew.


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