Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) just smacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hard over her qualification, or lack thereof, to be president.

Sanders was responding to Clinton's comments that he wasn't well-read or knowledgeable on numerous issues.

"My response is if you want to question my qualifications, then maybe the American people might wonder about your qualifications Madame Secretary," Sanders said.

Then he lit it rip against Clinton:

"When you voted for the war in Iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the history of America, you might want to question your qualifications. When you voted for trade agreements that cost millions of Americans decent paying jobs, and the American people might want to wonder about your qualifications. When you're spending an enormous amount of time raising money for your super PAC from some of the wealthiest people in this country, and from some of the most outrageous special interests ... Are you qualified to be president of the United States when you're raising millions of dollars from Wall Street whose greed and recklessness helped destroy our economy?"

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted that this was a "new low" for Sanders. Clinton herself said it was "a silly thing to say."

Some Clinton supporters tried to show their support with the hashtag #HillarySoQualified, but ended it up backfiring because Clinton really isn't qualified to be president.

The Sanders-Clinton feud could become significantly more ugly as Clinton as been unable to quell the Sanders insurgency.