President Obama has just done the unthinkable: speeding up the refugee absorption process by dismantling security screening procedures. Under the White House’s new “surge” operation, Obama plans to resettle at least another 10,000 refugees by September 30.

While the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, the surge operation will reduce the time to three months,” reports AP.

According to Gina Kassem, the regional refugee coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, “The 10,000 (figure) is a floor and not a ceiling, and it is possible to increase the number."

For months, Obama administration officials have been working overtime to convince an apprehensive American public that the influx of Muslim refugees pose no threat to national security, stressing that U.S. security screenings are detail-oriented and time consuming. Presumably, the protracted wait period would weed out potential jihadists.

Here’s what White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in December:

Those individuals who seek to enter the United States through the refugee resettlement program do so only after undergoing the most intensive screening of anybody who attempts to enter the United States.

That was a load of crap. With its recent announcement to cut the screening process from 24 months to just a mere three months, the Obama administration has now made its own representatives look like deceptive charlatans.

The possibility of ISIS penetrating the United States through the refugee process is not just fear-mongering; it’s a very real threat. In February, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explicitly stated that he had strong reason to believe that ISIS was "taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert operatives into that flow. The group is "pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate travelers,” he added.

It’s not clear whether Obama is consciously compromising the safety and security of the United States or if he’s just in the YOLO stage of his lame duck presidency, but the new plan to cut-down the refugee screening process is nothing less than suicidal.