Highlighting Donald Trump’s loss in Wisconsin’s Republican primary, CNN’s Carol Costello hyped the (incorrect) assertion that the Republican front-runner had not won any of the state’s delegates. What she failed to mention is that Wisconsin’s Republican primary is a winner-take-all contest.

Speaking with a Trump surrogate boosting his candidate’s performance, Costello displayed her ignorance of varying methods of delegate apportionment between different state primaries.

“Wait a minute, you say the Trump campaign is doing very well after that huge loss in Wisconsin, where he didn’t win a single delegate?” asked Costello.

Earlier in the same segment, Costello offered support for a belligerent leftist who angrily shouted at Senator Ted Cruz during a campaign meeting between the Republican candidate and Latino pastors. Describing New Yorkers as “fiercely loyal,” she framed the antagonistic leftist as defending the honor of his city and of immigrants against Cruz’s intransigence.

“As you well know, New Yorkers are fiercely loyal to their city, so perhaps it is no surprise Ted Cruz had a rough time in the Bronx,” read Costello from her teleprompter. “It’s a burrow filled with immigrants who embrace what Cruz calls its ‘New York Values.’”

Costello then implied that Cruz had provoked the leftist agitator, and that he might have wanted such an incident for his own political advantage.

No stranger to inflating racial agitation, Costello described the GOP’s base of support as poorly-educated “angry white voters” standing in opposition to “everybody else.”

CNN presents itself as an objective new outlet, describing itself as “the most trusted name in news.”

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