Hillary Panics As Sanders' Arthritic Fingers Cling To Her Electoral Cankles

Hillary Clinton is sick of Bernie Sanders.

Like Gollum desperately clinging to The Precious, Hillary cannot cope with the fact that she’s being deprived of her life’s goal by some puny halfling. Clinton told Politico that Sanders, who is registered as an independent but has spent his entire career caucusing with Democrats, is “a relatively new Democrat, and, in fact, I’m not even sure he is one. He’s running as one. So I don’t know quite how to characterize him.”

Clinton, who has sent out campaign surrogates like the There’s-Something-About-Mary-haired David Brock to slime Sanders as a racist and a sexist, accuses Sanders of being a tricksy hobbit: “There is a persistent, organized effort to misrepresent my record, and I don’t appreciate that, and I feel sorry for a lot of the young people who are fed this list of misrepresentations.” She added, “I know that Sen. Sanders spends a lot of time attacking my husband, attacking President Obama. I rarely hear him say anything negative about George W. Bush, who I think wrecked our economy.”

This is, of course, a ridiculously silly comment – Sanders spends the great majority of his time attacking President Bush and Republicans. But Hillary, like her potential 2016 Republican challenger Donald Trump, is insanely thin-skinned. Sanders has never bothered to go for the knife, because he has apparently realized that jabbing her with a soup spoon elicits the same crazed response.

And, like Trump, Hillary blames all of her problems on the world. “I’m not a natural politician,” said the woman who has wanted to be president since her first campaign in utero. “The campaigning part is hard for me….Some of this may be personal to me [and] from all the literature I’ve read, [it] may be gender-linked….I’m very comfortable saying, you know, ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘we.’ But when I had to stand up in front of people and basically say, ‘I’m asking for your vote,’ I had to really work at that. It absolutely took years.”

What terrible struggles Hillary has had to endure.

Perhaps the most off-putting aspect of the Clinton campaign is Hillary’s tacit insistence that she is owed the presidency. Both she and Trump seem to think that their respective party nominations are theirs already, and that others are trying to “steal” them; neither believes that actual victory is required. That’s why both Hillary and Trump are so perturbed by competition.

It’s also why the competition refuses to go away. Clinton cares too much about power; that’s evident to anyone who watches her. Sanders seems to care less about power than about making his point. That’s why he has succeeded in rattling her.

And that’s why she’s in danger of splitting her own party.

Unlike Trump, who has been the aggressor against his opposition, Sanders has run a relatively milquetoast campaign when it comes to criticizing Hillary. Hillary has been far more hard-hitting, and she’s alienated a solid number of Sanders supporters. Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver is correct to warn the Clinton camp not to “destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the secretary’s ambitions to become president of the United States. We want to have a party at the end of this that we can unify.”

The Democratic Party is on the brink of its own split. Because of the dramatic collapse inside the Republican Party, that split has been dwarfed. But that doesn’t make the split any less real. Should Hillary win the nomination, she’ll have to campaign ever further to the left to rectify that breach, even as she seeks to move to the center to cut off her Republican opponent. That puts her in dangerous electoral position, and her party in even more dangerous electoral position.


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