Hillary Clinton, who is the first candidate ever endorsed by Planned Parenthood while still in the primary process, has come under fire from a Planned Parenthood executive for making a comment that supposedly "further stigmatizes #abortion." What did Clinton say that was so awful that the same group that proudly promotes her felt the need to publicly rebuke her? She said she is open to "reasonable kinds of restrictions" on late-term abortion and made the unforgivable sin of admitting that a "fetus" was an "unborn person."

The public scolding came from Diana Arellano, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action's community engagement manager, who responded to Clinton's heretical comments made on Meet the Press Sunday by tweeting out a rebuke:

"@HillaryClinton further stigmatizes #abortion. She calls a fetus an 'unborn child' & calls for later term restrictions," tweeted Arellano Sunday.

"Not to mention her condescending comment abt feeling sorry for young people bc we apparently don't do our research https://twitter.com/markruffalo/status/716970065724366852 …" she added in a follow-up tweet Monday.

Clinton's supposed affronts to the Sacrament of the Religion of Liberalism came during her defense of abortion on Meet the Press, where she told host Chuck Todd that an "unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights" but said that she does think Roe v. Wade allows "room for reasonable kinds of restrictions after a certain point in time."

Despite seeming to give some "room" for late-term abortion restrictions, however, Clinton added that "the health of the mother" must supersede the life of the unborn child "even as one moves on in pregnancy." As many have noted, the "health" of a mother can mean just about anything, particularly if one includes psychological health. In other words: Clinton is actually arguing for no true restrictions.

In September, left-leaning FactCheck.org looked into Clinton's claims about "medical necessity" driving late-term abortions and found they are misleading at best.

Here's the video of Clinton's exchange with Todd:


H/t Susan Berry.