Shapiro With Crowder: 'Trump Is The Wages Of Sin'

Describing Donald Trump as a beneficiary of broad public mistrust of the news media given its widespread bias, The Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro said the Republican front-runner enjoyed a degree of imperviousness making deceptive statements given that subsequent critical examination of their veracity by said new media would not be believed. Joining the Louder With Crowder podcast for an interview, Shapiro and eponymous show’s host discussed the incident between Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski.

Explaining the resilience of Trump’s support in light of a media hostile towards his candidacy, Shapiro connected the two phenomena as interdependent.

“[Donald Trump] operates in this very safe space, which is, ‘No matter what I say, it can’t be debunked, because the only people who are there to debunk it are the media you don’t trust.’ Trump is the wages of sin, basically. The media’s been horrible for [thirty to seventy] years, so what you end up with a guy like Trump,” said Shapiro.

Regarding the incident between former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, Shapiro described the Trump campaign’s reaction as warranting the most focus.

“And then there’s the real story here, which has nothing to do with Michelle and much more to do with the Trump campaign lying and smearing her. I mean, that’s really the story here. Because the fact is, if Corey Lewandowski just says - Shouldn’t have done that. My bad. - apologizes within twenty-four hours instead of going on Twitter and calling Michelle a liar and an attention whore, then all of this is over immediately,” said Shapiro.

Crowder described Fields’s recollection as slightly exaggerated, while adding any form of physical force used against a reporter - particularly a female - as unacceptable.

Taking a jab at Trump’s intellect, Shapiro recalled the Republican front-runner’s self-assessment of his own intelligence.

“This is not a man with high IQ. You have him out there saying things like, ‘I have a very good brain.’ Which, by the way, no one with a very good brain in human history has ever said, because it makes you an idiot.”

“If you want to make the case that Michelle made a bigger deal out of this than it was? I don’t think that’s fair, but that’s a least a case you could make. If you want to make the case that Corey Lewandowski never touched her, or that’s he’s some sort of hero for pulling her away, that’s just stupid,” said Shapiro, adding that he encouraged Fields to file a police report after being goaded into doing so by Trump’s supporters.

Both Crowder and Shapiro agreed that Andrew Breitbart would not have been please with Lewandowski’s grabbing of Fields of the Trump campaign’s subsequent handling of events.

“I think [Andrew Breitbart] would’ve been out to get Donald Trump,” surmised Crowder.

“First of all, I think [Andrew Breitbart] would’ve flown down to Florida and confronted Lewandowski and Trump about this whole thing, the day after,” concurred Shapiro.

“When I can’t distinguish your tweets from David Duke’s, and that’s not my fault, that’s your fault.

Assessing the roots Trump’s base of support, the two shared their views of the New York City billionaire’s appeal and their interactions with his fans.

“I’m used to receiving criticism, but what I’m not really used to receiving are accusations of me being a leftist because I don’t support a leftist like Donald Trump. Being called a social justice warrior because I don’t think it’s appropriate when a campaign manager grabs and bruises a woman’s arm, that’s new stuff to me. That I find troubling and upsetting,” said Shapiro.

Crowder acknowledged what he described as coherent positions of support for Trump as opposed to stated to be based on conservative principles.

“I have more respect for people like [Milo Yiannopoulos], friend of ours, who says, ‘Look, it has nothing to do with conservatism anymore. I don’t really care about the principles behind it. People are mad, and we want to see him burn this down.’ There are people who have said that. I understand that. It’s not my belief, but that’s very different from some of the mental gymnastics required for people who claimed to be Christian conservatives,” said Crowder.

Agreeing with Crowder, Shapiro added a criticism from Trump supporters describing their detractors on the right as left-wingers.

“What I can’t abide is the ‘if you oppose Donald Trump, then it must be because you’re not a real conservative who doesn’t care about the Constitution of conservatism.’ That’s just stupid,” said Shapiro.

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