Knife-wielding, blood-thirsty Palestinian terrorists are a dime a dozen these days. On occasion, they happen to be female. On Sunday, another female Muslim terrorist attacked Jews in Israel, taking out a large blade and stabbing a 30-year-old Israeli woman in the arm. G

The attack took place at Rosh HaAyin, right in the heart of Israel. Luckily, the terrorist was tackled to the ground and subdued by a few brave Israelis taking matters into their own hands before the Muslim jihadist managed to inflict mass carnage. These Israelis weren’t soldiers or policemen, but everyday people, pedestrians who were compelled to defend their countrymen.

Here is a video of the harrowing incident:

The Israeli civilians used makeshift tools, everything in their disposal to thwart the attack. “Using chairs, cars, and rocks, fed-up locals fought back and restrained the female terrorist,” reports BizPac Review.

Scenes like this are all too common in Israel. While Israel employs some of the most skilled military guards and security officials in the world, it’s often not enough to derail every single terrorist attack.

For months now, stabbings by fanatic Palestinians have disrupted the daily lives of everyday Israelis. Civilians are often forced to fend for themselves against knife-wielding Muslim maniacs.

Without question, Jews are always the target of these religious-inspired assaults against the Israeli body politic.