KNOWLES: Did The Trump Administration Obstruct Justice?

On Thursday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” the host discusses the accusaitons of obstruction against President Donald Trump. Transcript and video below.

If you're obstructing justice, you do it in secret. You don't do it in public. Can you name one other example of a president obstructing justice in public like that? I don't think so. Bob Mueller makes this point in the report. He says several features distinguish this from typical obstruction cases. Some of the actions, like firing FBI Director James Comey, are totally within his authority as president, also there's no underlying crime. Also, the Twitter of it all, they took place in public view. It's going to be very hard for the left to twist this report into some awful indictment of the president. What is the takeaway? Nothing new.

We know that President Trump is a real estate developer from New York. We know he pressures and bullies people like business executives do. We know that he pressures and bullies people like he does in public on the campaign trail, even to members of his own administration. We know that there is no Russian collusion.

This is an important point, as William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein point out — he is exonerated on obstruction of justice. Bob Mueller submits the report, not to the American people, not to Congress, not to the president, but to the attorney general. Then it is up to the attorney general and the deputy attorney general to determine whether or not he is to be gone after, whether or not he's committed a crime or whether or not there isn't evidence that he's committed a crime.

It is not for the attorney general to say, well here's the report, make up your own decision. No, it's up to the attorney general to make that decision. He and the deputy attorney general both concluded no obstruction of justice. Our long national nightmare is over. The Russian collusion narrative is over. The Mueller investigation is over. Two years for nothing — to find out that Donald Trump is a tough-talking guy who pressures his subordinates which we already knew.

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