KLAVAN: The Left's Struggle Is Unreal

On Monday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” the host discusses how President Donald Trump’s administration is taking away the Left’s ability to complain, but that hasn't stopped them from trying. Transcript and video below.

A funny quirk about human beings is that they like to think of themselves as having overcome challenges even when they haven't. Every time some actress wins an Oscar, she’ll say, “They said it couldn’t be done.” And I always want to ask: Who? Who said that? Name one person who said you couldn’t make a movie with 50-million bucks and a major studio behind you. If someone is something other than a white Protestant male, we have to hear how she’s the first one-armed Lithuanian lesbian to cross the street or whatever, as if great forces were amassed to stop such people from doing whatever boring thing they did.

The fact is: No one in America is trying to stop anyone from doing anything except maybe destroying this great country where anyone can do anything. The struggle for inclusion is over. It has been for a generation. Today the struggle is unreal. If you want to fight for social justice, you have to hunt down some guy who feels bad about himself because he’s dressing up in women’s clothes and feels like an idiot and wants to blame it on you, just to convince yourself you’re in some sort of epic battle.

Why? Because struggle can give life meaning. Ease can make people feel unheroic and almost irrelevant. That’s why many people were excited by the start of World War I … it gave them a sense of purpose. And in service to that sense of purpose, they destroyed the greatest civilization that had existed on earth up to that time.

Which reminds me of the present moment.

When you look back at the era before World War I. I mean this was a civilization in Europe that had just risen to a peak no other civilization had before. More science, more social reform, very good morality … a lot of peace especially in England. And you found people writing poems and writing works of art in favor of war. So like Tennyson before the Crimean War, wrote this poem Maud, or after the Crimean War, wrote this poem 'Maud' about this very neurotic love affair; great poem by the way, if you ever want to read it, it's just a terrific, terrific story, poem. And at the end after this neurotic love affair all goes wrong the guy goes off to the Crimean and war and he's thrilled you know, he says, "We have proved we have hearts in a cause."

"Let ... the war roll down like a wind,/ We have proved we have hearts in a cause, we are noble still/ And myself have awaked, as it seems, to the better mind/ It is better to fight for the good, than to rail at the ill;/ I have felt with my native land, I am one with my kind,/ I embrace the purpose of God, and the doom assign’d."

"Magic Mountain" too, the famous novel by Thomas Mann, ends with the hero after years of languishing in this TB ward goes off to World War I, and he's just thrilled. You know it's just the kind of triumphant journey into the meaning of war.

If you look at what's happening today in Trump's America, the answer is nothing. Scott Adams made this point, excellent point, a very good observer Scott. He made the point that there's no news. I mean for the last three weeks, four weeks or, so it's been tough to do the show because nothing is happening. That's how good a president President Trump has been. He has made there be no news, because as we all know bad news is news, I mean that's what they report. That the economy is still doing well. Sometimes going up a little bit, sometimes a little blip, but it's really doing very well. No new wars, no big acts of terror. We're really actually doing, this country is doing quite well.

And I've noticed, by the way, that on the right this has had some kind of effect. I've noticed some of them, maybe let's say more unstable people on the right are losing their minds. I'm not going to mention names because I don't like to attack my own kind. You know, Reagan's 11th commandment, you shall not attack your fellow Republicans. But I've noticed there are people who are going crazy, suddenly coming up with these wild conspiracy theories on the right, kind of racial things that we conservatives should all reject entirely and usually do. But on the Left, this make-believe struggle continues, the struggle against injustice. Everybody is a victim. Everybody is having a fight. You know, like what's the problem? What is the problem? Who is bothering you? If it's just the fact that people don't think you're a man when you're a woman or vice versa. You know if that's your worst problem go get a job. You know if that's your worst problem stop complaining. Go do something of worth.


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