On Wednesday night, conservative journalist Bethany Mandel spoke with CNN host Don Lemon about the Trump campaign’s astonishing decision to stand by manager Corey Lewandowski after video surveillance surfaced which substantiated claims that Lewandowski committed battery against Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields. Mandel explained the obvious: Lewandowski should be fired; the press should never by manhandled; and the cover-up from team Trump reeks of "classic misogyny."

Lewandowski was arrested on charges of battery against Fields on Tuesday. Trump has made the decision to stand by his campaign manager citing his “loyalty” and arguing (now) that Fields wasn’t grabbed hard enough for this to be a big deal, and that she could have actually been trying to attack him — after all, she had a pen in her hand which could have been a “little bomb,” said the real estate mogul.

On Wednesday, prominent female conservatives banded together and called for the firing of Lewandowski in protest. Mandel was one of them.

Mandel explained to Lemon that the manhandling of the press was inexcusable. She pointed out that Fields, at the time of the incident, was working for Breitbart News, an outlet so friendly to Trump that it is often mockingly referred to as “Trumpbart News.”

“If he’s willing to do that to someone who is…the most friendly outlet possible to his campaign, who is he going to do this to next? The Washington Post, CNN?” said Mandel. “And it’s not going to just be an arm grab, I mean this is sort of his test. If he can away with sort of manhandling the press in this manner, there’s no stopping him.”

The Federalist writer continued, calling the cover-up from team Trump “classic misogyny,” adding that this is not a term she throws around “willy-nilly.”

Mandel listed three of the justifications dealt by the Trump campaign to keep on Lewandowski; she later compared these types of excuses to those given by “domestic abusers”:

  • She didn’t fall to the ground
  • She wasn’t that badly hurt
  • She had a pen in her hand, it could have been anything

Mandel joins the likes of other notable female conservatives calling for Lewandowski’s firing, including The Blaze’s Dana Loesch, CNN’s S.E. Cupp, Los Angeles radio host Elisha Krauss and Hot Air’s editor-at-large Mary Katharine Ham.