WALSH: Joe Biden Is Way Too Old To Be President

Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

You must be 35 years old to run for president. Nobody seems to complain about this fact or call it "ageism." Such a claim would be absurd. There are certain realties about age. One of those realities is that people tend to gain experience and wisdom as they grow older. A 28-year-old probably does not have either experience or wisdom in sufficient quantity to prepare them for the White House. There could be exceptions to this rule, conceivably — and there are plenty of unwise and ill equipped older people — but most of us basically agree that it is a good idea to prevent the very young from assuming the power and responsibility of the presidency.


There are realities about age at the other end of the spectrum, too. The most harsh of which is the fact that age will kill you, eventually, unless something else does the job first. And before you die, your mental and physical capacities will diminish over time. This happens to everyone who lives long enough to enjoy the process. It cannot be avoided. We are mortal animals. This is part of the package. And that's why it is completely absurd for elderly men like Joe Biden, who will announce his candidacy shortly, and Bernie Sanders, who already did, to run for president. They should be legally prevented from doing so. If 35 is the limit on one end, 75 ought to be the limit on the other. That gives you 40 solid years to become president. If you can't do it within that timeframe, it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe it's time to take up fishing instead.

Joe Biden will be 78 years old by Inauguration Day. The life expectancy for men in America is 76. Yes, that number is weighed down by those who die young, but the point remains: Joe Biden is extremely old. Way too old to take on the most stressful job on the planet. Think of how the job aged George Bush and Barack Obama — both relatively young when they entered office. Now imagine what it would do to a guy who will be 80 when the midterms roll around. At 80, he will have been AARP eligible for 30 years. At 80, he will be at the age when dementia usually begins to set in. This is a very significant consideration. What happens when the president gets dementia? Does anyone know how to deal with that? Well, Joe Biden's insatiable thirst for power may force us to figure it out.


Biden and Sanders have been running for political office for 100 years between them. They cannot get enough of it. They will keep going until it literally kills them. That's reason enough to reject their candidacies, and I haven't even mentioned their terrible policy positions. Anyone who wants to be president so bad that they would run for the office at 78, shouldn't be president. An age limit on the presidency would save us this spectacle. And it would force men like Biden and Sanders to go home and play with their grandchildren, which is a plus for all involved.

The other problem — and a quite a serious one – is that elderly people won't be around to reap the consequences of their policies and actions. Things can get dicey enough with a lame-duck president. It could be even worse with a president who is about to be term-limited out of existence itself. How do you hold such a person accountable? Why should they care what the voters think? They have nothing to lose. This does not seem like a quality you should prefer in a president.

There are many reasons not to vote for Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. In some ways, their age doesn't even need to enter into the equation. But it should, because it's patently absurd for very elderly people to run for president.


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