Palestinian-Arab Jihadist In Hebron Tries To Kill Israelis, Fails, And Is Then Killed


On Tuesday, a Palestinian-Arab jihadist attempted to stab three Israel Defense Forces soldiers in Hebron. It did not end well for the jihadist. The Times of Israel reports:


Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian man as he tried to stab them in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday, the military said.

No servicemen were injured in the incident, the Israel Defense Forces said.

"IDF soldiers spotted the terrorist armed with a knife as he ran toward them. The soldiers pushed the terrorist back as he tried to run into a nearby civilian building. The soldiers shot the terrorist, thwarting the attack, and he was killed," the military said.

Hebron, the largest city in all of Judea and Samaria, is today a largely Arab city — but it is also one of the holiest cities in all of Judaism. The Cave of the Patriarchs, which is believed to be the burial place for the biblical patriarchs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is located in Hebron. The city today has a small, perpetually beleaguered Jewish population.


As The Times of Israel also notes, Israeli military officials have warned that the next few months may unfortunately see an uptick in violence in Judea and Samaria (also referred to as the "West Bank"), as President Donald Trump unveils his much-ballyhooed "peace plan" for Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs:

Israeli defense officials have warned that the coming months may see an escalation in violence in the already restive West Bank and Gaza Strip, in light of added pressure from the upcoming Israeli elections, US President Donald Trump’s plans to announce his proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, and ongoing struggles between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. ...

Last week two Israeli soldiers were wounded, one of them seriously, in what the army said was a car-ramming attack northwest of Ramallah. Troops fired on the three occupants of the vehicle, killing two and wounding the third.

Yishai Fleisher, who is the international spokesman for the Jewish community of Hebron, wrote an op-ed for The Daily Wire in January. In the piece, Fleisher punched back against a New Yorker article about the status quo in Hebron, and forthrightly referred to the courageous Jewish community living there as "Jews living in the heart of Judea":

Recently, The New Yorker printed a hit piece against the Jews living in the heart of Judea entitled, "A Guided Tour of Hebron, from Two Sides of the Occupation." The unintentionally ironic title "from Two Sides" is the key to understanding the article because the two sides it shows come from the hard-Left and radical Islamism, respectively.

Indeed, the article is another example of the collaboration between the hard-Left and radical Islamism, movements that have coordinated to delegitimize Israel’s right to retain land liberated in the Six Day War as a way to delegitimize Israel as a whole. Now, they have specifically set their crosshairs on Hebron in the "West Bank" because they understand the centrality of Hebron to Jewish peoplehood, to its land and history. Additionally, they see the small and isolated Jewish community within the big Arab city of Hebron and ruled by the Palestinian Authority as an easy next target.


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