VIDEO: IDF Soldier Shoots And Kills Wounded 'Palestinian' Terrorist

An Israeli soldier has been indicted for murder after shooting and killing a wounded Islamic terrorist in Hebron on Thursday.

Moments before being killed while lying wounded in the street, 21-year-old Abdel Fattah al-Sharif attempted to stab and murder Israeli soldiers with 21-year-old Ramzi Qasrawi Tamimi in a joint Israeli terror operation. Successfully injuring one soldier, the duo was neutralized when Tamimi was shot and killed and al-Sharif was shot and wounded. The Israeli soldier who shot ah-Sharif in the head, killing him, now been charged with murder.

Prior to shooting the wounded terrorist, the Israeli soldier allegedly said, “A terrorist who stabs our friend must die.”

Naftali Bennett, head of the Jewish Home party, criticized the IDF’s decision to both charge the Israeli soldier and leak information to the media harmful to the soldier’s case.

In a study of social media conducted by Buzzilla and published by Israel’s state-owned Channel 2, 82% of Israelis appear to support the Israeli soldier. 37,000 have also apparently joined an online petition in support of the Israeli soldier.

Video of the incident was popularized by the foreign-funded and left-wing agitation group B’Tselem. Published in YouTube, the video’s description blames political rhetoric - presumably from right-of-center and right-wing Israeli politicians - that it claims “dehumanizes” Arabs and Muslims.

Also claimed by the video’s description is that the Israeli soldier being tended to was of lower triage priority than the wounded Islamic terrorist. Recent regulatory changes announced by the Israeli Medical Association mandate that priority of treatment following terrorist attacks be entirely based on severity of injuries, including prioritization of Islamic terrorists over their own victims if necessary.

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