FRANKEL: Men’s Group That Challenged The Male-Only Draft Destroyed The Meaning of ‘Male’

Last Friday, Judge Gray Miller, a George W. Bush nominee to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, sided with a San Diego-based men’s advocacy group in ruling that the male-only Selective Service is unconstitutional because women are also able to serve in combat rules.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the original lawsuit started in 2013 against the federal government by Texas resident James Lesmeister. San Diego resident Anthony Davis and the San Diego-based National Coalition for Men were later added to the suit as plaintiffs. Judge Miller wrote that, "This case balances on the tension between the constitutionally enshrined power of Congress to raise armies and the constitutional mandate that no person be denied the equal protection of the law."

Putting the asininity of Miller’s decision aside and how it would affect military cohesion, Judge Miller himself is not blameworthy. As a society, sadly, we have collectively "decided" that everything is up to the courts — even statutes that blatantly state that they are not even subject to judicial review. Judicial tyranny reigns, and judges would frankly be silly to not take advantage of it if Congress, the Executive Branch, the states and we the people all keep allowing them to do so.

However, if we want to place blame anywhere, we must blame the people who first brought the suit and the ones who subsequently joined it. Any men’s group that would join a lawsuit against the federal government in order to battle "discrimination" and champion "equality" deserves our scorn.

Aside from obvious strength differences between men and women, we men are meant to protect the women in our lives. God made all of us this way for a reason. Men and women are made to complement each other, and this is part of the bedrock of how civilization has functioned since the beginning of humanity.

No society can survive without strong, good men. And no sane man in the world would want his wife and daughter drafted to potentially fight in incredibly dangerous areas of the world. Imagine what would happen to a female POW in the hands of either ISIS or North Korea. We shouldn’t have to imagine this because the possibility of that potentially happening should be the furthest thing from our minds if our culture were able to retain any common sense or decency.

Both the individuals in the lawsuit and this San Diego men’s group deserve all the criticism they get. They aren’t so much true men as they are cowards and self-righteous moral reprobates abdicating their innate male responsibilities in the name of faux "equality."

If you wanted to show that toxic masculinity exists, look no further than this.


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