WATCH: Rep. Nancy Pelosi Solves Immigration Issues With 'Hug Ceremony' On U.S.-Mexico Border

Fear not, Americans! Our immigration issues, which seemed to create an almost insurmountable divide between the political parties, has been solved.

Democratic Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took part in a "hug ceremony" to bring peace and cooperation to the United States-Mexico border on Saturday, embracing Mexican officials on a bridge just outside of Laredo, Texas, thus bringing a swift conclusion to the tricky, divisive issue.

The "hug ceremony" was part of a joint celebration of George Washington's birthday, Pelosi told social media, and Pelosi was specifically invited by both Mexican and American dignitaries to undertake the important task of embracing her Mexican counterparts. The event is hosted annually by the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association of Laredo.

"Thank you to @RepCuellar for welcoming me to the vibrant border community of Laredo this week. From taking part in our conversation at @txamiu to participating in the celebration of George Washington’s Birthday with Mexican dignitaries, I’ll remember this trip for years to come," she tweeted on Saturday.

In footage captured of the event, Pelosi is seen picking her way across the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge, an international bridge connecting the two countries, holding an American flag. Once at the center, she and a Mexican dignitary embrace, trade country flags and pose for photos.


"As part of the bridge ceremony, officials and dignitaries from Mexico and the United States share 'abrazos,' or hugs, to symbolize 'the amity and understanding between two neighboring nation,'" The Hill reported over the weekend.

Pelosi did not waste the opportunity to speak on the Trump administration's immigration policy, however. In a joint press conference with Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and Laredo city officials, Pelosi took aim at President Donald Trump's border wall, insisted that she and other Democrats take border security seriously, and claimed that she and other Democrats plan to introduce legislation to address drug trafficking.

"[W]e do care about border security," Pelosi noted, after accusing the President and anti-illegal immigration activists of having a "fear" of immigrant success. "Of course, we take an oath to protect and defend our country, our Constitution and our people."

"What are we talking about here, not building a wall, but building a protection again that respects people and values, and what that meant was we would have hundreds millions of dollars for more sophisticated scanning and detection, for vehicles coming through the ports of entry, that we would have some infrastructure at the ports of entry because so much more is coming through now, that we would have other detection technologically where deemed necessary on the border, that we would have provision to meet the needs of people seeking asylum, whether it was for food, clothing, medical needs and the rest, we would have funding for judges to expedite the process of people coming through – so it was all about protecting and recognizing the needs of that were here. But none of them amounting to a crisis or justifying a declaration of a national emergency," she said.

Pelosi's own party is divided on whether congress should take up any further immigration reform legislation before the 2020 presidential election, so it's not clear whether Pelosi's "initiatives" will ever see the light of day.


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