Canadian Left Denies 'War' On Islamic Terrorism

Following Europe’s latest deadly encounter with the Religion of Peace – which left 34 dead and hundreds injured – Canada’s Liberal government has proclaimed that the Great White North is not at war with ISIS.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Minister Stephane Dion explained their decision to reject describing the conflict with ISIS as a war.

Asserting that the term “war” necessitates the granting of an opportunity for all belligerents to secure victory, Trudeau declared that ISIS was destined for defeat.

"A war is something that can be won by one side or the other and there is no path for ISIL to actually win against the West," Trudeau said.

Demonstrating ignorance of international law, Dion claimed that accurate application of the term “war” requires two combating armies adhering to the laws and conventions of armed conflict.

"If you use the terminology 'war,' in international law it will mean two armies with respecting rules and it's not the case at all,” said Dion. “You have terrorist groups that respect nothing. So we prefer to say that it's a fight.”

Last week, Dion outright denied that ISIS had committed acts of genocide.

Claiming that an aggressively prosecuted campaign against Islamic terrorists would lead to further radicalization of Muslims, both Trudeau and Dion advance the left-wing narrative that conventional tactics of warfare cannot and should not be deployed against Islamic terrorists.

Just last month, the Liberals withdrew Canada from the bombing coalition against ISIS, claiming to shift focus towards humanitarian efforts.

"That's why our new mission, which is much more focused on empowering locals on the ground on a military level, on a humanitarian level, on a refugee level, is going to be an extraordinarily strong piece of the coalition's fight against ISIL,” said Trudeau.

President Barack Obama shares Trudeau’s and Dion’s perception of Islamic terrorism being driven by overly aggressive Western military operations, recently claiming that carpet bombing is “un-American” and would inspire more Jihadism.

With the Canadian government’s virtue-signaling campaign – touted under the banner of humanitarianism by Trudeau – and the American government’s unwillingness to engage in real, meaningful military action, the free world remains leaderless in the war on terror and radical Islam.

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