Michelle Obama is a bit out of touch, to say the least. First, she complained to girls in Qatar about the “hardships” of growing up as a girl in America. Yes, Qatar. And while visiting Cuba earlier this week with her limp-wristed husband, the First Lady sported two floral outfits totally roughly $6,680—or 23 times the average annual salary of a Cuban worker per 2014 data.

A woman “of the people,” indeed.

The Free Beacon reports that the dress Mrs. Obama wore as she strolled off of Air Force One Sunday, a floral-printed dress made by designer Carolina Herrera, is typically sold for about $2,190 at the upscale department store, Bergdorf Goodman. On Monday evening, the First Lady rocked another floral-print dress, this time designed by Naeem Khan, while attending a dinner at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana. This dress cashed in at $4,490.

The Free Beacon notes:

According to Trading Economics, a provider of historical economic data, the average monthly salary in Cuba was 584 pesos, or about $24, in 2014, based on statistics provided by the National Office of Statistics. That represented a significant increase in the average monthly salary over the previous year, which was 471 pesos ($20).”

Over 12 months, therefore, the average employee’s wages in Cuba totaled $288 in 2014. The Carolina Herrera dress Michelle Obama wore when arriving in Cuba Sunday costs nearly eight times this amount. The Naeem Khan dress costs almost 16 times this amount. The total price tag of the two outfits, thus, is more than 23 times the average annual salary in Cuba estimated in 2014.

Mrs. Obama then jetted off to Argentina, in her fancy, expensive clothing, to complain to Argentinean school girls about the “sexism” she faced while growing up an attractive young lady in America (you know, that place where she attended Princeton University and then became a lawyer), because, of course she did.