After Donald Trump decided to stoop to a vicious attack on Heidi Cruz, posting a terribly unflattering picture of her next to a beautiful picture of his own wife, Melania, complete with airbrushing, Ted Cruz, who doesn’t live in the gutter like his opponent, responded with a message that was the essence of class.

Trump had posted:

Cruz's message will be certainly lost on Trump, whose actions over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign have been replete with insults, vile attacks, stirring up violence among his supporters with incendiary language, and threats from his campaign manager.

Trump's actions have included:

1. His temporary insistence that the U.S. military break the law if he orders them to.

2. His attack on Megyn Kelly, calling her a bimbo.

3. His attack on Jeb Bush’s wife for being Mexican, and his refusal to apologize to Bush’s wife.

4. His ridiculing a disabled reporter.

5. His seeming defense of the sucker-punch of a protester by saying the protester had raised his middle finger.

6. Trump’s campaign manager’s attempt to smear Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields instead of offering her the simple apology she asked for, echoed by Trump’s campaign, which Trump did not prevent.

7. His bellowing about a protester, from a comfortable distance on the stage, “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya.”

Slinging mud from the gutter at Heidi Cruz is nothing new for Trump, the scion of an incredibly wealthy man. The only noteworthy aspect of the latest episode is that the victim and her husband, who did not come from the hallowed halls of a millionaire's wealth, have class that Trump, despite his wealth, can never display.