KNOWLES: Trump Rally Vs. Beto Rally

On Tuesday's episode of "The Michael Knowles Show," host Michael Knowles highlighted the key differences between the rallies held by President Donald Trump and former Democrat Rep. Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, explaining where Beto went wrong and what Trump got right. Transcript and video below.

I don't want people to accuse me, by the way, of sexism — because I keep commenting on these female Democrat presidential candidates on how they were coming across physically, I will also do it for the male candidates. The trouble is that all of the candidates right now are women, right? I think all of the Democrat candidates — Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris — it's only declared women right now in the Democrat field. So when men declare, like when Beto finally comes out and runs, I can point to that as well.

Beto just reminds me of that guy in college, that creepy guy in college who would go up to your girlfriend and tell them that he's really way more sensitive than your boyfriend is, he’s that guy. He's that creepy male feminist who writes diary entries on Medium, he just did not come off well in this rally but, look at this difference. First, you're gonna see the Trump rally, and then immediately you will see the Beto rally.

Trump rally: [Audience chants] “USA, USA!”

Beto Rally: Mariachi band plays

Could you tell the difference? It was a subtle difference, wasn't it? By the way I'm not making that up, I know that seems like just the sort of joke I would say that the Trump rally had people chanting “USA USA” and then the Beto rally was a mariachi band — no no no no, they actually chanted “USA” at the Trump rally and they actually had a mariachi band at the Beto rally.

They’re also obviously showing the difference between the GOP and the Democrats these days. The GOP broadly I think always positioned itself as the pro-America party and the Democrats, at least since the 60s, have been the anti-America party, but at least the Democrats tried to hide it. They're not really hiding it anymore, they're not doing a very good job at it at least, they're now saying one party, the Republicans, want America to be a country and to remain a country because we like our country and our countrymen. And then the Democrats are saying “bring in the mariachis, anything that looks American get it out of here we want totally open borders, were ashamed that America exists.”

This also gets to a personal difference between both Donald Trump and Beto O’Fraud, his name is a fraud! He pretends to be Mexican, he has this name “Beto” but he's fully Irish. He's the most Irish, he’s more Irish than Liz Warren is not Indian, and it's kind of a weird moment for the Democrats that you've got these racial frauds littering their presidential primary. But of course, the reason for this is because they've embraced identity politics and an ideology called intersectionality that says that white people are bad. And if white people are bad then these cynical politicians are going to pretend not to be white people, like Beto O’Rourke.

So you've got Beto who's a race fraud, and then you've got President Trump, who is not a fraud. President Trump is many things, you could accuse him of a great many things, but Donald Trump — what you see is what you get. ...There is not a lot of distance between Trump and the voter.

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