WATCH: Academic Appears On Morning Show Completely Naked To Protest ‘Brexit,’ Gets Called Out For 'Embarrassing' Stunt

Anti-Brexit campaigner Dr. Victoria Bateman appeared on ITV Good Morning Britain (GMB) stark naked on Tuesday morning to discuss her clothing-less crusade and to challenge pro-Brexit Member of Parliament Jacob Rees-Mogg to a nude debate.

During the bizarre ten-minute segment, GMB co-hosts Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway questioned Bateman’s tact, asking her if she is merely an exhibitionist. Henry Newman, the director of the think tank Open Europe, also appeared on the morning show and was a bit blunter, suggesting Bateman was engaging in an embarrassing stunt that detracts from a substantive issue like Brexit.

"It's a bit of a stunt," said Newman. "I could take my clothes off and we could all then discuss my nudity. I think it's a very serious issue, here: Brexit."

"Ultimately, I haven't heard a single new argument today. All these arguments were made back in 2016 – 'you cannot make risks of leaving' – you went round and round in circles," he argued.

"But has the stunt drawn you focused to it?" asked Garraway

"I think it's a bit embarrassing," Newman answered bluntly, adding: "I think these are serious questions and I don't think it's actually serious to —"

"It is serious!" interjected Bateman.

"We're getting sucked into a publicity stunt, which is designed to detract attention from an actually substantive issues," Newman countered.

Asked if he thought Bateman was merely an attention-seeker, Newman replied, "I don't know. I think she's a very nice person who believes what she's saying very passionately, and I respect that. And I respect her right to protest in this way. But I don't think its actually advancing the conversation at all."

Earlier in the cringe-inducing segment, Bateman argued that Brexit would leave Britain "naked" and contended her nude body was a force for a serious political statement, not a stunt.

"The key message that I want to deliver is that Brexit is the emperor's new clothes. What high-profile Brexiteers promised Brexit voters is just not possible to deliver," argued the academic, as reported by The Guardian. "The British economy faces many many problems right now: Shortage of housing, problems with the NHS, wages stagnating, too many people up and down the country using food banks. But the European Union is not the cause of those problems, so how is Brexit going to help us solve those problems?"

"We see naked women around us all the time," Bateman continued. "We see the scantily clad in advertising, there’s a whole world of pornography out there. If you go to any art gallery in the U.K. or across the world, you will see nudes in the world."

"The common thing about all of those women is that they are silent. They are not allowed a voice. What is shocking, perhaps, to some people, is a woman who is naked with a voice," she added.

"Why should I as a woman only be able to use my body for sex and babies? Why shouldn’t I also be able to use my body to deliver an important political message?" asked Bateman.

Regarding her naked debate challenge to Mr. Rees-Mogg, Bateman said it would be acceptable for the Member of Parliament to debate her clothed if he had to.

"I think it is the Brexiteers who should be wearing the emperor's new clothes and not a Remainer like me, but I perfectly understand if he claims that he doesn’t have a double-breasted birthday suit, why he may wish to wear a normal suit. I’m happy to debate it with him, but I will insist on wearing the emperor's new clothes that are Brexit," she offered.



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