Obama to Cubans Seeking Freedom: You're On Your Own

On Tuesday, President Obama gave one of the most humiliating speeches by an American leader in the history of the country. Standing on stage at the behest of murderous tyrant Raul Castro, Obama led off by lying that he would stand with the world against Islamic terrorists, just 24 hours after posing in front of a mural honoring a communist terrorist.

Then it got worse.

Obama began by thanking the Castro regime for their generous treatment; he had no words for the dissenters being held in prison to avoid Obama’s gaze. He described the distance from Havana to Florida as a “great distance” separated by “barriers of history and ideology; barriers of pain and separation.” As is his wont, he equated the builders of those barriers – he had no harsh words for the communists directly, but slammed America for our attempts “to liberate, but also to exert control over Cuba.”

He cast Cuba’s history as his own personal history: “Like so many people in both of our countries, my lifetime has spanned a time of isolation between us….As the decades rolled by, our governments settled into a seemingly endless confrontation, fighting battles through proxies.” Never mind that the vicious Castro regime funded terror abroad for decades while impoverishing and pillaging its population at home. The conflict was mutually blameworthy.

But, said Obama, all that was about to change with a wave of his magic wand: “I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.”

The Cubans do not feel the same. They released no prisoners, nor did Obama ask them to. They did nothing to remove censorship across the island, nor did Obama ask them to. No, Obama unilaterally declared the war on communism over; Cuba continues to fight.

In colloquial terms, this is generally called surrender.

In surrender, Obama was gracious. He brushed aside “the differences between our governments” as mere quarrels, instead terming “The United States and Cuba…like two brothers who’ve been estranged for many years, even as we share the same blood.”

What would that blood be, per se? Why, victimization at the hands of Western civilization, it turns out:

We both live in a new world, colonized by Europeans. Cuba, like the United States, was built in part by slaves brought here from Africa. Like the United States, the Cuban people can trace their heritage to both slaves and slave-owners. We’ve welcomed both immigrants who came a great distance to start new lives in the Americas.

If this seems like a perverse view of American history, focusing on race and slavery rather than on what separates us from Cuba – namely, foundational principles of liberty – that’s because it is. It’s deeply perverse. But don’t worry: Obama assured the world that aside from shared legacies of slavery at the hands of white people, Cuba shared with America the literature of Ernest Hemingway, baseball, and boxing.

Surely the Cuban people living in chains could take solace in such facts.

And they could take solace in Obama’s decision to legitimize the Castro regime even as the Castro brothers neared death. After all, said Obama, “What the United States was doing was not working.”

So giving the Castros lots of money and a good deal of global honor would be more likely to destabilize their fascistic government?

But that isn’t Obama’s goal. His goal is just to make purty pictures with the purty people on the purty island. As he put it:

I want the Cuban people -- especially the young people -- to understand why I believe that you should look to the future with hope; not the false promise which insists that things are better than they really are, or the blind optimism that says all your problems can go away tomorrow. Hope that is rooted in the future that you can choose and that you can shape, and that you can build for your country.

There’s only one obstacle to all of this, of course: Obama’s own determination to prop up the people who will stop any of it from happening for his own glorification.

Obama spoke about a fantasyland of entrepreneurship – in communist Cuba! – and choice for the Cuban people. “What changes come will depend on the Cuban people,” Obama said – as the Cuban people prepared to spend another day under the iron boot of the Castros.

Finally, Obama went full-bore socialist in honor of his communist hosts:

Every child deserves the dignity that comes with education, and health care and food on the table and a roof over their heads….Now, there’s no secret that our governments disagree on many of these issues. I’ve had frank conversations with President Castro. For many years, he has pointed out the flaws in the American system -- economic inequality; the death penalty; racial discrimination; wars abroad. That’s just a sample. He has a much longer list. (Laughter.) But here’s what the Cuban people need to understand: I welcome this open debate and dialogue.

Because being lectured by reprehensible totalitarians is now “dialogue.” In fact, Obama went on to agree with Castro’s critiques. “We do have too much money in American politics,” Obama said. “We do have challenges with racial bias – in our communities, in our criminal justice system, in our society – the legacy of slavery and segregation,” Obama explained.

In Cuba, the per capita income is one third that of the United States.

Obama concluded by bashing Ronald Reagan, the scourge of communism: “Many suggested that I come here and ask the people of Cuba to tear something down – but I’m appealing to the young people of Cuba who will lift something up, build something new.”

Actually, we asked that you ask the Castros to tear something down. But Obama only went to Cuba to tear down the legacy of America’s anti-communism, and enshrine misery for another generation. “I’ve urged the people of the Americas to leave behind the ideological battles of the past,” Obama bragged. But the past will remain the present so long as people like Obama allow evil to flourish and victimize. Obama can talk about the Cuban people as much as he wants. But they have no power so long as Obama makes kissy-face with the men with the guns pointed at those people.

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