When a small group of hecklers attempted to disrupt a Donald Trump rally in Virginia Wednesday, the 7,000+ Trump supporters weren't having it.

As Trump was touting his commanding position in the polls and promising to "build the wall" on the southern border, a group of pro-immigration/anti-Trump activists began to shout "Dump Trump!"

After booing the handful of hecklers, the crowd responded with their own chant: "We Want Trump!"

Trump shrugged off the quickly drowned-out protest, saying, "That's all right. That's why we have freedom of speech, folks, you know."

"And I’ll tell you how dishonest the press is," he continued. "We have thousands of people in this room … about 7,200 people. We have about 10 people over there. They’ll get the headline, you won’t. That’s pretty disgusting, pretty disgusting, but that’s the way it goes."

He slammed home his point by reading the most recent poll on immigration. "So on illegal immigration: 56% want Trump; 13% is second place," he said. "That tells you something there."

Trump continues to lead in the polls, many of which have him still up by double digits—though retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has closed the gap significantly in recent weeks. A new CNN poll found Trump with a strong lead among likely Republican voters in two key states: Nevada, where he's up by 16 points, and South Carolina, where he's up 18. Despite the media's focus on Trump's immigration stance, the issue on which Trump performs the best is the economy, which continues to be by far the biggest priority for voters.

Video via TheBlaze.