WATCH: Heartbreaking Video Of Authorities Grabbing A Little Native American Girl From Her White Foster Parents

As The Daily Wire has previously reported, a six-year-old girl from Santa Clarita, California would potentially be ripped from her foster parents, Summer and Rusty Page, and the place she’s called home for the past four years simply because she is one-and-a-half percent Choctaw Native American and her foster parents are white. Despite petitions and peaceful protests, little Lexi was indeed ripped from her home on Monday afternoon.

A federal law from the 1970s mandates that children of Native American descent be raised by Native American parents only.

The Indian Child Welfare Act “establish[es] standards for the placement of Indian children in foster or adoptive homes, to prevent the breakup of Indian families, and for other purposes.”

A 6-year-old girl at the center of a custody dispute was removed from her foster family in an emotional and chaotic scene in Santa Clarita Monday.The family had sought to bring attention to their effort to "Save Lexi" as they battled to keep her, despite a court order that the little girl be sent to join relatives in Utah.Lexi is part Choctaw, and she was sent to live with relatives under a 1978 federal law intended to protect Native American families and children. She has been with her foster family since she was about 2.Click here to read KTLA’s story here:

Posted by KTLA 5 News on Monday, March 21, 2016

The video above of little Lexi being carried out by her emotional foster father is almost too much to bear. Lexi is scared and confused, gripping her teddy bear, as she is being forcibly taken to Utah to be with distant relatives who have legal authority to take her from her foster parents because they are white. Lexi’s foster siblings are captured on video screaming and crying, as is Lexi's foster mother while screaming to her daughter that she loves her. Adding to the trauma, due to a court order, Lexi was not allowed to be told what was going on; she was shielded from the truth about where she was going, only being told by the officials who took her away, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Soon following the traumatic ordeal, Mr. Page spoke to the press and vehemently condemned the despicable law which he says is responsible for victimizing children at will and “gives absolute power to tribal leaders.”

A statement released by the Page family starts: “Our family is so incredibly devastated… Our hearts are broken and we are trying to make sense of everything that has happened with our three other children who witnessed their sister Lexi forcefully ripped away from our family by stranger.”

Continuing, the statement reads, “But nobody could possibly be more devastated than our 6-year-old daughter who found herself restrained in a car and driven away to go and live in a foreign place hundreds of miles from her family, friends, teachers, home and life."

The Page family vows to continue to fight for little Lexi.

A GoFundMe account has been set up in support of the Page family.

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