Meet The Democrat Who Protects Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s right man on the campaign trail is a registered Democrat. That shouldn’t be surprising to most observers who have followed Trump’s flirtations with politics over the last few years. It was only fitting that Michael Cohen, an elitist upper-class New Yorker, would spearhead the billionaire businessman’s campaign. According to The Jewish Chronicle Online, “Cohen is still a registered Democrat who voted to elect Barack Obama in 2008, he’s confident in his belief that the next inhabitant of the White House will be the brash, uncompromising, worryingly unpredictable property tycoon.”

Officially, Cohen is Trump’s Special Counsel and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. According to Cohen himself, he handles “everything that personally affects the Republican candidate.”

The Trump campaign has been intentionally vague about what Cohen does, exactly. There’s probably a reason for that: He appears to be a sort of consigliere to Godfather Trump. In an interview with The Chronicle, Cohen went into further detail about that. “My job is to protect him from all those who seek to malign him, the company or any of his vast corporate entities. As to the campaign, I only take a role when it affects Mr Trump personally,” said Cohen.

When asked why Trump brought him onto the campaign trail, he simply stated: “I suspect he was impressed with both my handling of matters as well as the results.” He didn’t go into further detail about what he meant with the phrase “handling of matters.”

Cohen’s devotion to Godfather Trump is unmatched. “To those of us who are close to Mr. Trump, he is more than our boss. He is our patriarch,” declared Cohen.

According to Cohen, the real estate mogul (and apparent GOP frontrunner) is not an easy man to work for. “The toughest challenge is that Mr. Trump demands 100 per cent perfection all the time. Mr Trump is a results-orientated boss – someone you do not want to disappoint,” admitted Cohen.

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