Has Hell Frozen Over? You’ll NEVER Guess Who's Fundraising For Ted Cruz.

Senator Lindsey Graham once said that choosing between Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz would be like choosing between “being shot or poisoned.” Although it is unclear which reference was aimed at whom, Graham has stepped up and chosen one of the symbolic fatal incidents by announcing that he will begin fundraising for Cruz’s presidential run.

While speaking with CNN anchor Dana Bash, Graham, who once callously joked about the murder of Cruz on the senate floor, which “no one” would be convicted for, has announced his tepid support for Cruz chiefly because of Cruz’s support for Israel and Trump’s fake conservatism.

Graham told Bash that although he favors Ohio Governor John Kasich as the most “viable candidate," Cruz is "the best alternative to Donald Trump," thus he will "help Ted in every way I can."

Graham added, "He's certainly not my preference, but he's a reliable Republican, conservative, which I've had many differences with.”

After making it abundantly clear that he does not support Cruz’s “tactics," Graham explained how fearful he is of a Trump nominee: "I have doubts about Mr. Trump, I don't think he's a Republican, I don't think he's a conservative, I think his campaign's built on xenophobia, race-baiting and religious bigotry, I think he'd be a disaster for our party and as Senator Cruz would not be my first choice, I think he is a Republican conservative who I could support."

The “Never Trump” movement has picked up steam in recent days as we draw closer and closer to the Republican convention. Graham has hopped on board in uniting with Cruz, along with businesswoman Carly Fiorina, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (a former Senator Rubio backer), and now even Rubio seems to be swinging toward Cruz too.

The Never Trump movement is certainly making headway, but the question remains: Is this sudden coalition against Trump through backing Cruz simply too late?

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