Jewish Director Of Leftist Code Pink Slams Black Jewish Rapper's Video. She Gets Clobbered Online.

On Thursday, the Jewish national co-director of the radical leftist group CodePink, which champions the BDS movement and consistently targets Israel, ripped a black Jewish rapper’s video in which he stood up for the Jewish people, calling it “gross.” The rapper, who calls himself "Young Gravy," also targeted social justice warriors who claim that the Jews in Israel are not indigenous to the land, rapping, "Say you value social justice, are you kiddin’ us, what the hell gives you the right to tell me who’s indigenous."

Ariel Gold was triggered after Hen Mazzig, a gay Israeli Jew, touted the video:

Gold, who has appropriated the anti-Semitic verbiage of anti-Israel activists before by referring to Israel as an “apartheid” state, reacted:

For which she was slammed:

The rapper, who goes by “Young Gravy,” rapped in the video, titled ”Diaspora”:

I’m a proud part of the Diaspora

We ain’t gonna play the victim they get mad every time we standin’ up

I’m proud of my people what we accomplished

You crazy if you think some rockets or ***** will stop us

Look through our history and we’ve been through it all

Been through slavery and the Holocaust and still standin’ tall

At the Kotel, Western Wall, sayin’ “Shma”, meditate

Another population to whom this song is dedicated

The video continues as Young Gravy names various sites and areas in Israel, then continues:

I’m a proud part of the Diaspora

In my heart I hold Jerusalem and Africa

Kicked aside of our land and started gassin’ us

‘Til we put our foot down because we had enough

Check out the flag that I wave

Two stripes and a huge Star of Dave

Check out the flag that I’m wavin’

Keep shootin’ rockets but you’re never gonna take

Hear em talkin’ bout “The Jews will not replace us”

On college campuses that bitch tryin’ to erase us

And all that BDS campaign

We’ve dealt with worse problems

The racist associations the students are like stupid and they think they’re making differences takin’ and choosin’ troops not knowin what real resistance is

Say you value social justice

Are you kiddin’ us

What the hell gives you the right to tell me who’s indigenous

You don’t advocate, you just assume the privilege

Of lookin’ at other people and tellin’ them what their image is …

Diaspora, of which I’m a proud part

I’ve got blue and white in my veins running through my heart

And they get mad when we’re survivin’

The truth is the only way they like a Jew is if they’re dyin’

So while I’m sayin’ this by the candlelight

Take a moment and remember the fallen for their sacrifice

Never again, never forget

They wanted us dead

We rose from the ashes instead

We wouldn’t have a future if we didn’t have a past

So every day we gotta take a minute and honor those who passed

Video of rap below:


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