Salon: There Is No Left-Wing Media

Not only is there no broad-based left-wing bias within the media landscape, but there aren’t even any prominent left-wing media institutions -- according to Eric Boehlert. A de facto operative of the Clinton Family given his senior role at Media Matters for America, Boehlert’s media analysis was republished at Salon.

Declaring that “conservative journalism” is non-existent and amounts to dishonest and partisan opposition research, Boehlert latches onto recent news of a string of resignations from Breitbart.

“The dirty little media secret about “conservative journalism” is that today, very little of it constitutes journalism,” writes Boehlert. “Not even close. (It more often resembles opposition research designed to trip up Democrats and little else.) And on the extreme boundaries, you have supposed news outlets like Breitbart acting like a “de facto super PAC” for the Trump campaign.”

Concluding that there is no left-wing media, Boehlert goes all in with Noam Chomsky’s analysis as per “Manufacturing Consent.”

“There simply is no mirror relationship on the left. The Nation, for instance, doesn’t relentlessly publish fabrications in the name of trying to damage the GOP. Mother Jones doesn’t launch ridiculous smear campaigns against Republicans in hopes of boosting the chances of the Democratic Party. There is no liberal version of Breitbart, or The Drudge Report, or Fox News,” wrote Boehlert.

An arm of Hillary Clinton’s presidential, MMFA enjoys non-profit status via its 501(c)(3) registration with the IRS.

Responses on Twitter were swift.

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