Picture of Baby Miscarried at 12 Weeks Saves An Unborn Life

In 2014, Baby Noah tragically died by a miscarriage at just 12 weeks old, but Noah’s image has since saved at least one life.

The image of the baby boy sucking his thumb was shared online through pro-life circles and quickly went viral. Kristen Benfield was included on the sharing in effort to spread the message of life—and it worked in a way she never imagined.

Benfield told Life News that after she shared the image—which she uploaded twice due to a random failure to post the first time—she received a message from a young woman, also named Lara (like Noah’s mother), who said the image had a “profound effect” on her and her “current situation.”

“So, not really sure how I know you exactly or why were Facebook friends just know that your 12 week old image and article had a profound effect on me and my current situation. Thank you… Just know that your post has changed my outlook. Thanks girl for more than you know,” wrote Lara via email.

Kristen later told Life News “she was elated to know that she was able to play a role in saving a baby from abortion.”

“This message was sent to me last night after I shared Lara’s precious baby, Noah on Facebook,” said Kristen. “Little Noah has changed a mind and probably saved a life.”

The young woman who shared the post exclaimed, “God works in mysterious ways!” continuing, Kristen said she “felt compelled to share Noah’s story with the beautiful picture of him. I actually shared it twice. The first time I shared it his picture didn’t show… I just knew someone had to see him so I deleted that and shared a different way so everyone could see his picture. I’m so thankful for you guys and the work you’re doing! Even if only one life is saved, it’s all worth it!”

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