Attempting to frame Donald Trump’s supporters as poorly-education angry white trash who hate blacks and other minorities, CNN’s Carol Costello and Christine Romans lied through omission about the types of voters supporting the Republican front-runner.

Dedicated to furthering the left-wing narrative of Trump - and by extension whites, conservatives, right-wingers, libertarians, and Republicans via innuendo - as universally hostile towards non-white minorities, the two CNN hostesses omitted relevant data in their descriptions of his supporters.

Conflating Florida’s Hispanic Republican primary voters with the entirety of Republican minority voters in the Sunshine State, Romans acknowledged that Trump had done well with all of the state’s GOP groups “except minorities.” No mention was made of how Trump performed with non-Hispanic minority Republican voters, such as blacks, Asians, Jews, or others. Also ignored was Rubio’s home field advantage in Florida, as well as his connection with the state’s Hispanic Republican voters given his Cuban background and Spanish fluency.

“It will be angry white voters against pretty much everyone else.”

Carol Costello

The narrative is intended to frame Trump as alienating racial and ethnic groups deemed to be aggrieved by the left.

Highlighting Trump’s appeal to white voters without college degrees, Romans again neglected to show Trump’s performance with white voters who were college educated.

As she had done with her dishonest analysis of Florida’s Republican voters, Romans focused on Governor John Kasich’s better performance in Ohio with white college-educated Republicans. No mention was made of Kasich’s home field advantage given his governorship of the Buckeye State. No mention was made of exit polls suggesting that Trump did best among white Republicans in Florida with college degrees.

Contrary to the narrative, Trump is doing best among Republican voters at all levels of education. No mention of this was made by Romans. This is evinced by CNN’s own exit polls.

When discussing Democrat primary voters supporting either Hillary Clinton or Senator Bernie Sanders, CNN never talks about black, Hispanic, or other minority voters without post-secondary education.

Hyping the racial agitation narrative that is the backbone of CNN, Costello delivered her network’s predictable framing of the 2016 presidential election.

“So it looks like it’ll be Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton in a general election,” said Costello. “It will be angry white voters against pretty much everyone else.”

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