Endorsing Speaker Paul Ryan for president on condition that no Republican candidates secure a majority of the party’s delegates before July’s GOP convention in Cleveland, John Boehner said, “I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.”

Speaking with Politico, Boehner described Senator Ted Cruz as “Lucifer.” He had previously derided Cruz on various occasions, including an at the end of 2013 in which he parroted the left-wing and Democrat narrative of the Texas senator being the driver of the so-called “government shutdown” of 2013.

During various interviews over recent months, Ryan has repeatedly said that he is not running for president.

Seemingly turning back on previous declarations to the contrary, Ryan seemed to express openness to a presidential bid.

In Ohio, Boehner’s congressional home state, the former Speaker of the House voted for Governor John Kasich in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Not particularly strong in flexing congressional muscle via the power of the purse to block President Barack Obama’s governmental expansionist agenda, Ryan’s first large move as Speaker was signing off on an omnibus appropriations bill of over a trillion dollars. In response to anger directed towards him from Republican voters, Ryan condescendingly lectured Americans with a misleading grade school-caliber lesson on civics.

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