So what does Hillary Clinton think about Chris Christie backing Donald Trump after having trashed him for months? A hot mic caught an off-the-record exchange between Clinton and MSNBC's Chris Matthews which provided a little insight into both leftsts' theories on the New Jersey governor's surprising decision to back a "dangerous" man.

The conversation came during a commercial break for an MSNBC town hall. The Washington Post received a copy of the video and quickly posted it.

During the exchange, Clinton blasted MSNBC for covering Trump and called him a "dangerous presence."

"Man, you guys can't stop covering him," said Clinton. "And, you know, he is a dangerous presence. It's just like candy by the bushel."

Matthews defended their coverage, saying while MSNBC has an "obviously" progressive audience, "nobody can tell what works, what people want to watch."

"Yeah. People must think they want to watch him," responded Clinton.

"You can laugh at him," Matthews replied, before turning the conversation to Christie, who he said should never sit in "wingback chairs" because they weren't flattering to overweight people.

That's when Clinton asked Matthews for his thoughts on why Christie would back Trump.

"Why would, why did he support him?" she asked.

"It gets them chatting," replied Matthews, adding, "They all want their future. They want a future." Matthews began to talk about New Jersey politics, but Clinton interjected.

"Did he have a debt or something?" Clinton asked.

Matthews didn't respond directly, saying, instead, "There's nowhere for Christie to go," and explaining that a Republican doesn't have a chance as a senatorial candidate in New Jersey.

Here's the video with the transcript via Washington Post:

H/t Brian Lilley.