Poll: Trump Breaks 50% in National Support

Continually pushing the frontier of his supposed ceiling of support, Donald Trump has broken through the 50% threshold of support from Republicans in a national poll published by The Economist and YouGov.

Climbing from 40% to 53% over the past few weeks, Trump broke through his previous high of 44% support.

Senator Marco Rubio, conversely, has been experiencing a decline in support over the same time frame, falling from 15% to 10%. Also the least liked GOP candidate, 45% of likely Republican voters have an unfavorable view of Rubio, compared with 40% for Senator Ted Cruz, 29% for Governor John Kasich, and 33% for Trump.

When asked if Trump “cares about people like you,” 59% of those polled answered in the affirmative, with 41% saying that he does not care.

Asked whether Trump cares more about himself or America, 59% of those polled said he cares more about America, with 41% saying he cares more about himself.

General election polls, however, currently place Trump at a disadvantage relative to both Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. Against the former First Lady, a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Clinton leading Trump by eight points. Against the Vermont senator, Trump is also behind by eight points.

Among the general public, Trump still has high unfavorability ratings. In a Gallup poll conducted between February 26 and March 3, 63% of respondents viewed Trump unfavorably compared to 30% who view him favorably.

Cruz has a similar situation with his image among the general public, with 50% of respondents viewing him unfavorably compared with 29% who view him favorably.

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