Hillary Clinton and her extremist views on abortion have earned her endorsements, awards and millions of dollars in campaign contributions from like-minded extremist pro-abortion advocacy groups. On Sunday, one such group, EMILY’s List, tapped talent-lacking Hillary Clinton surrogate Lena Dunham to co-chair the group’s new campaign, called “Creative Counsel,” to lure millennial woman into voting for the former secretary of state in the primary and presumably in November so their pro-abortion crusade can flourish.

The appointment of Dunham works out swimmingly for Hillary, who can now keep her hands clean from the blood of the innocent while Dunham, her surrogate, can continue to be her loud and proud abortion-worshiping self while simultaneously gaining Hillary votes—the single most important thing to the Democratic frontrunner.

EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock released a statement, referencing a pivotal “moment” in “feminism and women’s leadership” which they hope will last.

“We’ve been reaching out to non-political industries where women are working together to disrupt a boys’ club – and finding stories and sisterhoods like our own,” said Schriock, explaining her the new campaign launch.

“From Hollywood to Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C., women and allies are doing the creative and courageous work of breaking through these last barriers and finally taking over our half of the table,” she continued.

Dunham, a self-described “sexual predator” who targeted her 6-year-younger sister, bragged about her newly-bestowed position in the pro-abortion “mission”, and made the sexist claim that somehow women make better legislators than men simply because of their anatomy: “EMILY’s List has a mission that young women really get,” said Dunham, adding, “When women lead, we get better, saner laws for women and men everywhere… It’s time to harness our enthusiasm and our expertise to get that message out before November.

“It’s about the courts, it’s about Congress [and] it’s about our economic stability and our future. Young women are some of the most motivated people I know. We’re going to turn them into an army of voters over the next eight months,” concluded the Girls creator who once joked about punching pro-lifers “in the face.”

EMILY’s List is as synonymous with abortion as Planned Parenthood—the biggest abortion mill in the nation responsible for well-over 300,000 abortions annually. The fanatically obsessed-with-abortion organization is fully involved in backing the most extremely pro-abortion female candidates, such as the former First Lady, supporting such politicians in an effort to elect them into office, or keep their positions to maximize their abortion crusade. No such act of baby murder is too gruesome for the shameless EMILY’s List; shameless Lena Dunham fits right in.