Poll: Nobody’s Going To Vote In November, Apparently

What if they held a presidential election and no one showed up?

That scenario is becoming a distinctly more plausible scenario if the present front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are the combatants this fall, as the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found two-thirds of registered voters say they could not vote for Trump, while 56% wouldn’t vote for Clinton. Of the other candidates, a majority of voters said they would not support them, with the exception being John Kasich.

Given the chance to describe the primary season, voters called it a “circus,” a “mess” and a “joke.’’ Among voters who would participate in GOP primaries, Trump drew 30% support, Ted Cruz 27%, Kasich 22%, and Marco Rubio 20%.

In states that have not voted yet, the four GOP candidates drew almost identical support; Trump garnered of 27% of likely GOP primary voters; Cruz 25%, Kasich 24% and Rubio 23%.

Pollsters argued that if Trump is the GOP nominee, his level of support among GOP voters would be the lowest in at least 50 years. His chances are even worse among registered voters; 64% don’t like him; among Republican primary voters, 43% don’t like him.

Trump trailed Clinton, 51% to 38% according to the poll. Clinton led ted Cruz by only two percentage points.

Trump and Cruz both have extremely strong support among their own adherents; 67% of Trump’s supporters say they would “definitely vote” for him, 61% of Cruz’s voters felt the same way.

Most importantly, the poll avers that Trump would lose a one-on-one matchup with all three of his present contenders, Cruz and Kasich both led Trump. 57% to 405; Rubio led 56% to 43%.

Trump’s support flatlines when compared to Mitt Romney’s in 2012, when 72% of GOP voters said they would be satisfied with him as the nominee. Only 53% of Republican primary voters say the same thing about Trump.


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