NFL Player Calls Former Teammate An ‘Uncle Tom’ For Criticizing Him

"Mike Tomlin has to put his foot down"

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown called one of his former teammates an "Uncle Tom" on social media for suggesting that the Steelers head coach let him go.

Speaking with ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt, former NFL player-turned-ESPN-analyst Ryan Clark said that his former teammate, Antonio Brown, should part ways from the Steelers while simultaneously praising him as "one of the best wide receivers in the league."

"This is where [head coach] Mike Tomlin has to put his foot down and shop Antonio Brown," said Clark. "Obviously you want to get something for him. He’s one of the best wide receivers in the league. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the best football players in the league."

Clark simultaneously noted the controversial things Brown has done while serving with the Steelers, such as his using social media while Coach Tomlin was speaking to the whole team.

According to Fox News, Brown was recently benched for the final game of the season over a dispute with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

"The 30-year-old wide receiver chose not to attend practice and reportedly threw a football toward Roethlisberger," reports Fox News. "One NFL reporter characterized the dispute as 'fairly ugly.'"

In response to the criticism, Antonio Brown denounced Clark as an "Uncle Tom" in the comments section of an ESPN-NFL account, suggesting that Clark's free and fair criticism of him is somehow in conformity with the white establishment.

Later, Brown sent a "Happy New Year" tweet featuring a photo of himself smiling alongside a quote of his own regarding free will:

Full text of the Antonio Brown quote was provided by DailyWord.com:


I make choices every day—what to eat, how to spend my day, even what to think. Yet sometimes I neglect the incredible potential that is mine through God’s gift of free will. I may have become complacent, making the same choices day after day. While these choices are comfortable and will likely bring about predictable results, now may be the time to break out of my routine or comfort zone.

My options may seem limited by people or circumstances. It is then that I remind myself I am in command of my attitude.

I am divinely blessed with free will. I utilize that gift, choosing to take charge of my life; to express the creativity, vitality, and wholeness that truly define me.

While Antonio Brown has never participated in the protest against the National Anthem, he did post a photo of himself kneeling on social media to criticize the NFL's policy, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

It appears that Ryan Clark has not used his being called a disgusting racial epithet as an opportunity to spark a feud. "I have a ton of nieces and nephews that I love so much. They all call me Ryan," he wrote on Twitter. "The rest is just the rest....... I’ll let that be. No one wins here publicity. Let’s all keep the same energy all the time. Happy New Year."


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