WATCH: Shapiro Reveals Title And Cover Of New Book

Appearing on Fox News' 'The Story with Martha MacCallum' on Tuesday, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro revealed the title and cover of his new book, due to be released in March 2019. The book, titled "The Right Side of History: How Reason and Purpose Made the West Great," posits that the West is in the midst of a crisis of purpose and ideas, and the only way to save the West is to revivify the synthesis of Judeo-Christian values and Greek reason as the founders of America did. Shapiro asserted, "If we don't relearn our Bible; if we don't relearn our Aristotle; if we don't relearn our Federalist Papers, then we are basically taking all the gains of Western civilization without understanding how we came to this point in the first place, and then we're ripping away the roots of the tree that we are standing on."

MacCallum began by discussing the vile emails and threats Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) received when she was deciding whether to affirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. MacCallum asked Shapiro, "What are your thoughts on what's going on in America when that's the way that people voice their desire to their senator?

Shapiro replied:

Obviously people are more interested in venting their feelings than they are in actually effectuating change; they're much more interested in making themselves heard than in actually getting other people to listen to them. There's an obvious irony to all of these people calling up Susan Collins and basically slandering her in every conceivable way; "a feckless woman," using sexist slurs to rip her for supposedly being too sexist to listen to Christine Blasey Ford in the Kavanaugh hearings. All of it is absurd, but it speaks to a rising rage that Americans are feeling across the aisle. And I think that that goes to a lack of social fabric; we're coming apart at the seams in a lot of ways and we're filling that with anger and political tribalism.

MacCallum turned to a report from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) that ranked Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) as the least ethical senators in 2018 because they used the occasion of the Kavanaugh hearings to send out campaign fundraising emails. She pointed out such behavior was against the rules of the Senate.

Shapiro commented:

It's plainly morally disgusting as well; you're in the middle of a contentious hearing over whether a crime that did or did not happen years ago, and you're sending out fundraisers on your own behalf in the middle of that? Even as Senator Kamala Harris, for example, was going out there and making completely unwarranted charges about Judge Kavanaugh? It really was an astonishing display. Politics has become blood sport for so many people these days, including the people who are in Congress, and let's be frank about this: Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren were doing this because they're both running for president in 2020. It had nothing to do with principle; it had nothing to do with decency; it had nothing to do with due process. It was a disgusting display from beginning to end.

MacCallum turned to the subject of the wall on the southern border, pointing out that the GOP had essentially agreed to "kick the can down the road." Shapiro responded:

It seems to me that if the president really wanted to press the issue there are ways for him to press the issue right here, especially given the fact that he's not going to get another shot at this. Once the Democrats are in charge of the House, then the chances that he gets anything remotely resembling anything like border funding completely dissipate, especially in the midst of investigations they're sure to launch against him. The president, I think, should have taken a stronger position here; I think his supporters have a right to be upset with that; the wall has not been built; it doesn't look like the wall is going to be built, and all of the promises notwithstanding, if the president doesn't take some pretty dramatic action on that — this was his number one campaign promise and it has not happened; it has not materialized. ... He's been fond of using the bully pulpit in the past for particular things he cares about; it seems to be that if he cares about the wall; if he cares about border security; if he cares about law and order, then this would be a great time for him to get on the stump and talk about it.

MacCallum executed a perfect segue, smiling, "Well, you want to get on the stump and talk about something and you have a big announcement, so tell us what you're rolling out tonight."

Shapiro responded, "Coming out in March, we have a brand new book; it's called 'The Right Side of History.' It's, I think, a really important book. It's about the hole in our heart that's been left by the abandonment of Judeo-Christian values as well as the basic concepts of reason in modern America and how we're filling that with rage and anger and tribalism, and how we really need to create a new social fabric built around the eternal principles that are enshrined in the Constitution but have roots that are thousands of years older than that."

MacCallum asked, "How do you get them back?"

Shapiro replied, "Well, I think the way that you get them back is first by addressing the lack of them. We are not living in a society that is grounded in a moral vision, and if we don't go back to the basics; if we don't relearn our Bible; if we don't relearn our Aristotle; if we don't relearn our Federalist Papers, then we are basically taking all the gains of Western civilization without understanding how we came to this point in the first place, and then we're ripping away the roots of the tree that we are standing on the branch of. You do that, and the tree is going to topple and that's what we're seeing happening right now."

MacCallum queried, "You're a dad. How do you try to do that with your children?"

Shapiro answered, "First of all, I inculcate them with certain basic values. They are made in God's image; they are unique individuals made in God's image. That they have the capacity to reason, and that the best way to work in the world is to work through that reason in trying to interpret a predictable universe that you can understand. That you have the capacity to get together with others and make a difference but you are never allowed to force your views on other people. These used to be basic American principles, and if we don't inculcate them in our kids from the time that they are born and then enrich them with that continuing message over time, then everything starts to fall apart. We lose what bound us together in the first place."

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