Koch Brothers To Sit It Out Against Trump

The Koch brothers, who likely appear in Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) nightmares, aren't going to take on real estate mogul Donald Trump.

James Davis, spokesman for Freedom Partners–the Koch brothers' umbrella organization, told Reuters, "We have no plans to get involved in the primary." Sources told Reuters that the Koch brothers felt like there would be no point spending millions against Trump since no attack on Trump has been effective so far.

The Kochs tend to be libertarian, so they are opposed to Trump's immigration views as well as his protectionist proposals and likely are opposed to Trump's candidacy. But that's not enough for them to use the $400 million at their disposal to attempt to take down Trump.

The reluctance to use their vast wealth and donor network may also be the fact that, as Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord said on CNN, they're afraid that Trump will remember:


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