WALSH: Nobody Wants To Take Away Your Birth Control, Liberals. We Just Don't Want To Pay For It.

As I'm sure you know, yesterday was Thanks, Birth Control Day. It was a day for people — mostly leftists — to take to social media and explain why birth control is so wonderful, so essential, so necessary to a fulfilled and happy life, and why it must never be banned. The media tells us that yesterday's festivities were especially important because the future of birth control is in doubt. President Trump may soon take our birth control away, which would be very bad because birth control is a "health necessity."

Now, I personally find it a bit embarrassing to see all of these women thanking a drug for their successes in life. I also have to scratch my head at the apparent suggestion that mothers can't achieve their dreams. This fact would come as news to the many millions of mothers who are doing just that. But that's all beside the point. What is really interesting about the Left's breathless defense of birth control is that they are defending it against an imaginary threat. Nobody is talking about banning birth control. Nobody is trying to take it away. Nobody is attempting to impede anyone's ability to obtain birth control. The Left is screaming at the weirdest straw man ever constructed.

We have been told for years that women are having trouble "accessing" contraception. But where are these women with access problems? Where do they live? The Mojave Desert? If they live anywhere in civilization, they are surely only a few miles away from contraception. You can buy it at gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart, Target, etc. You can get it for free at many medical clinics. You can even have it delivered to your door. Birth control practically rains from the sky in our country. And I have no doubt that even if it did literally rain from the sky like the manna God sent to the Israelites, still the Left would complain about their inability to access it.

So what is all of this hand-wringing really about? Well, two things:

1) As always, abortion. The Left invented the concept of "reproductive rights" and lumped abortion and contraception together under that same umbrella. While they pretend to be offended by the suggestion that abortion is birth control, that is exactly the impression they wish to foster. Now whenever a Democratic politician screeches about the evil conservatives who want to infringe on "reproductive rights" and end "reproductive health care" for women, what they mean is that conservatives want to stop abortion doctors from killing babies. But what the oblivious Democratic voter hears is that conservatives want to steal their birth control. The idea has settled into the liberal mind that anyone who opposes abortion must therefore oppose birth control. A lot of people do oppose abortion, so, by this confused way of thinking, a lot of people must oppose birth control.

2) As always, free stuff. When people insist that they have a "right" to "access" contraception, what they mean is that they have a right to be given contraception for free. The thing that impedes birth control access is the same thing that impedes access to any other product: you have to pay for it. This is not due to the designs of dastardly Republicans. It's just how the free market works. If you want a thing, you have to pony up the cash. This ought to be especially true of birth control because it is something you use in order to facilitate a more convenient sex life. The convenience of your sex life — as crucial as the matter may seem to you — is not a public concern and should not be left to the public to finance. Your sex life is your business, in several senses of the word. I do not wish to stop you from having sex, neither do I wish to be financially invested in the enterprise. Can't afford contraception? I don't believe you. Also, I don't care. It's not my problem. Figure it out on your own. Or don't. It's no concern of mine either way.

That is the actual position of almost every conservative in the country. We aren't trying to ban it, prohibit it, or otherwise legally prevent anyone from using it. We just would prefer if you'd keep your sex life to yourself. Is that really such an unreasonable position?


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