Shapiro To Kelly: 'Very Hardcore Fascist Movement Within The Left' Killing Free Speech

Speaking to the use of violence and intimidation by leftist students at California State Los Angeles to shut down speech and expression they find disagreeable, Ben Shapiro described the fascistic nature of the left’s core. Joining Fox New Channel’s Megyn Kelly for an interview, Shapiro highlighted the school administration’s facilitation of Brownshirt-style tactics used in an attempt to block his speech on CSULA’s campus last Thursday.

Made aware of the swelling group of leftist agitator students and reports of outbreaks of violence already about 90 minutes before his arrival, Shapiro described what he witnessed at the school.

“By the time we got there, there were helicopters, cops everywhere, every single entrance and exit except for one had been barricaded and blocked by the [student protesters]. The police were doing nothing to actually move the [student protesters],” recalled Shapiro, describing how leftist student agitators were physically blocking those who wished to attend his speech from entering the lecture hall where it was scheduled to take place.

Describing how students and others who wished to attend his speech needed to be sneaked into the lecture hall under guard, Shapiro recalled how the police officer did virtually nothing to clear the way for students and others to move around freely.

“By the time I got in, I had to be escorted in not only by my own security, but by an armed coterie of uniformed police officers, and they were sneaking all of the students in, four at a time, through a backdoor that the protestors hadn’t yet discovered, and so over the course of the speech people were coming in,” said Shapiro.

At the conclusion of his speech, police officers advised Shapiro and those in attendance not to exit the lecture hall through the main entrance lest they be attacked by the leftist student agitators that had amassed outside.

“I was told by the police officers, ‘If you do that, there could actually be a riot.’ They said we don’t have the capacity to protect you or the other students. I’m talking about ten uniformed officers at the time who were scheduled to protect me,” said Shapiro.

Assuming that the police officers were operating under specific instructions not to forcibly move leftist student agitators physically blocking off entrances to the lecture hall, the school administration of CSULA is complicit in the facilitation of Brownshirt-style tactics to restrict free political speech and expression on campus.

"It's just more evidence that there is a movement within the left, a very hardcore fascist movement within the left to shut down speech that they disagree with and to physically punish people that they don't like," concluded Shapiro.

CSULA is a public university with a $30 million endowment.

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