Watch Lynch's Pathetic Responses To Questions About Clinton's Private Email Server

Refusing to answer whether or not the Department of Justice had convened a grand jury with respect to Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server with which to execute email correspondences in her former capacity as Secretary of State, Attorney General Loretta Lynch dodged and weaved in providing non-answers to Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier.

“Has a grand jury been convened regarding Hillary Clinton’s handling of email?” asked Baier

“Well, we don’t comment on specifics,” responded Lynch.

Slightly shifting focus, Baier asked why Clinton had not yet been interviewed by the Department of Justice.

“Why hasn’t Secretary Clinton been interviewed, yet?” asked Baier.

“We don’t comment on the specifics of anything,” responded Lynch.

Asking about the legality of using a private server through which to send and receive emails in one’s governmental capacity as a cabinet member, Baier received a similar non-answer from a stonewalling Lynch.

“Is it legal or illegal for federal employees - especially cabinet members - to set up a private server to handle all government email correspondence?” asked Baier.

“I’m not going to give you a legal opinion on that since it is a matter that may be under review. So I’m not gonna comment on that except to say that our investigation is going to continue like any other case,” responded Lynch.

Trying a different angle, Baier then asked whether Lynch would ever use a private server through which to handle government business, again receiving the standard non-answer response from Lynch.

“Would you ever have a private server?” Baier asked.

“I don’t comment on that,” replied Lynch, adding that she uses the Department of Justice email system.

Asked whether or not partisan political considerations colored her decisions as the head of Department of Justice, Lynch repeatedly invoked “career independent law enforcement agents” in order to characterize her department’s operations as faithful to the law.

“I think that with every case, we handle it in the same way, and that’s what I like to convey to the American people,” said Lynch. “We take it seriously, and he handle it independently, thoroughly, fairly, and efficiently.”

Baier then asked by Clinton’s former Chief of Staff at the State Department had not had her security clearance suspended after it was determined that she had sent classified information via email to the Clinton Foundation and to Clinton’s insecure private server, Lynch again responded with a non-answer.

“Cheryl Mills has maintained her top secret security clearance despite sending information that’s now deemed classified to the Clinton Foundation and this unsecured server. Isn’t it standard practice to suspend a clearance pending the outcome of an investigation?” asked Baier.

“I’m not gonna comment on any of the individuals who may or not be involved in this, because it would depend very much on the facts of those particular circumstances,” replied Lynch.

Earlier in the interview, Lynch acknowledged that she was engaging in negotiations with her counterparts in the United Kingdom that would essentially allow British courts and/or law enforcement to subpoena American companies. This acknowledgment was in the context of a brief exchange regarding unfolding events between Apple and the FBI regarding the technology giant’s encryption services.

Scheduled to speak at a cybersecurity event named the “RSA Conference” - named after its founders - in San Francisco on Tuesday, Lynch will elaborate on these developments.

See the full interview below.

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