Roger Stone: 'Hordes Of Muslims Raping, Killing, Robbing, Rampaging' Coming To U.S., CNN's Ana Navarro 'Brain-Dead'

Mocking Hillary and Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush, token CNN Republicans Rick Wilson and Ana Navarro, and the Islamic invasion of Europe, former Donald Trump campaign operative Roger Stone undermined several of the left’s contemporary sacred cows.

Reflecting on Trump’s shutting down of the Clintons’ pushing of the “War on Women” narrative which sought to frame the New York City billionaire as an anti-woman sexist, Stone described what he saw as fragility on the side of the Clintons.

“I think [Trump shutting down the Clintons] demonstrates an area of great vulnerability for them. You’re exactly right, [Hillary Clinton] actually announced it, ‘I’m not gonna talk about [the ‘War on Women’] anymore!’ She starts it, she’s the one who calls [Trump] a sexist. And by the way, only days later, Bill Clinton was calling Bernie Sanders a sexist. And you noticed what Bernie’s brother came back and said? ‘Well Bill, you’re a rapist.’ [The Clintons] been able to suppress this in the past. They will not be able to suppress it in this election, and it takes away a major part of their playbook. As you know, the so-called ‘War on Women’ has been a staple for Democrats in the last five elections,” said Stone.

Following his ban from CNN after Clinton operatives at the left-w Media Matters for America drew attention to tweets of his in which he mocked the network’s “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro, Stone ridiculed the network’s hypocrisy.

“It’s funny. Jimmy, how do they throw you out of a club that you were never a part a member of to begin with?” asked Stone.

Over the last sixteen months, Stone says he’s been on CNN three times. Across the same time frame, he’s been on Fox News Channel Or Fox Business Network forty-nine times.

“By the way, if you look at the ratings, I’m not sure it matters,” joked Stone. “This woman, Ana Navarro, who is a political commentator for CNN, is unqualified for her job. She knows nothing about politics. She has no political experience. They keep calling her a Republican strategist. For whom? What candidate? County commissioner, city council, state legislator, state senator, congressman, governor… tell me somebody you’ve ever worked for in a campaign. This is a weird world where you can just say, ‘Roger Stone, brain surgeon was on today, renowned brain surgeon.’ The woman is a dolt. She is literally borderline brain-dead. She doesn’t know anything whatsoever. She’s there because she’s a friend of Jeb Bush. She’s a disgrace, and I’m not afraid to say so.”

Navarro had a record of pushing left-wing narratives on CNN.

Suggesting that CNN’s hirings of Navarro and Roland Martin were at least partly motivated by ethnic and racial considerations, Stone jabbed at both.

Calling out a double standard on CNN’s application of bans, Stone noted that “Republican consultant” Rick Wilson - who asked Ann Coulter if Trump “pays [her] more for anal” via Twitter - is still welcome on the network.

On the subject of the Islamic invasion of Europe branded as a “refugee crisis" by the left, Stone warned listeners that such a disaster is coming to America unless otherwise stopped by citizen activism.

“Go to television and watch some of these videos of the hordes of Muslims raping, killing, robbing, rampaging,” warned Stone. “That’s what’s coming here, folks. Make no doubt about it. That’s coming here. Unless we do something about it.”

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