Shapiro to Americans: 'This Bulls*** Cannot Stand'

On Thursday, an irate Ben Shapiro proclaimed that “enough is enough,” it’s time for a movement. “This bullshit cannot stand.”

The bestselling conservative author and Daily Wire editor-in-chief was invited to speak at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) by the only conservative group on campus, Young America’s Foundation. Shapiro was approved—twice. But soon enough, the weak, intolerant administration, namely President William Covino, caved to pressures from students and staff to cancel the event as to not disrupt their “safe space” with Shapiro’s so-called "hate speech."

Shapiro declared that in the name of free speech, he would be coming anyway. “See you there, snowflakes!” Shapiro famously fired at those trying to strip him of his basic rights. Covino reluctantly and insincerely lifted the ban on Shapiro mere hours before the speech; citing the conservative’s promise to show up anyway for his decision.

Utter chaos ensued and the event became a national story; Fox Business Network, Breitbart News, and The Daily Signal, among others, weighed in on the totalitarian insanity on full display at CSULA.

Protesters barricaded all known entrances, pushing and shoving anyone who dared to try to enter the public forum to hear Mr. Shapiro speak.

Many protester were wearing "Black Lives Matter" shirts. The young lady below can be seen with her fist in the air, a symbol of "black power."

More than fed up with the fascists, Shapiro gave an impassioned closing speech where he informed his massive online audience and the handful of students smuggled into the venue that it was time to finally stand up for liberty.

Shapiro followed up the speech by giving a quick no-holds-barred interview with the media in which he revealed that students literally had to be smuggled in four at a time though a secret back entrance in order to hear him speak. That entrance was soon barricaded as well, allowing no entrance into the venue whatsoever.

“What is this, Soviet Russia?” asked Shapiro.

The conservative author was then informed by law enforcement that students would not be safe if they left at that moment. He was told to leave through a secret entrance for his safety and an effort to disperse the protesters for the students’ sake.

“Here’s the deal,” said Shapiro. “I’ve been told by campus police that it is literally a threat to life and limb to go out there.”

“I actually have to take a secret way out, seriously, with a police escort. This is America 2016, it’s un-fucking-believable,” he continued.

“For people watching online, for people who know what’s going on nationally: This is American now. This is America now,” he said. “And this is not a matter of cowardice for not stepping into a mob of 300 angry people out there; the cowardice is this administration that allows this garbage and evil to go on right here on American soil, on tax-payer-sponsored soil.”

"[I]t’s time to stand up, it’s time to fight, it’s time to become part of a movement. Enough is enough.”

-Ben Shapiro

“So right now I’m just going to call on everybody, all across the county, who believes in free speech, who believes in free assembly, who believes in the Constitution of the United States and liberty. I’m calling on you to look at what’s happening out here, watch what’s happening out here, recognize that when the students cannot be guaranteed safety on their own campus from people who are outside whipping a mob into a frenzy over basic principles of free speech; it’s time to stand up, it’s time to fight, it’s time to become part of a movement. Enough is enough.”

“Free speech matters,” declared Shapiro. “We all stand together, for the Constitution of the United States, for liberty, for freedom.”

"We are going to organize a movement because this cannot stand. This bullshit cannot stand,”

-Ben Shapiro

Shapiro then offered up his personal email address and lent himself to anyone who needs media assistance or otherwise in effort to expose the fascism of the Left.

“We are going to organize a movement because this cannot stand. This bullshit cannot stand,” declared Shapiro, moving the crowd to cheers.

Watch Shapiro’s entire speech, “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” here.

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