Pelosi Promises Parkland Students More Gun Control If Dems Win Back House

"What saves the most lives is the background checks"

Should the Democrats take back the House this coming election, Nancy Pelosi has promised Parkland survivors that the losing platform of gun control will be one of the party's top priorities.

According to National Review, Pelosi discussed the prospect of gun control during a round-table discussion moderated by Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL). The former House Speaker credited the Parkland survivors for helping to make gun control a top agenda item for the Democrats.

"I admire you so much," the Minority Leader said. "You have the purpose, the generosity of spirit. You have the marchers — you have people who will go out there to make a difference — and you just have a relentless, persistent, dissatisfied approach."

Pelosi stressed that "background checks" are the best solution to the problem.

"What saves the most lives is the background checks — keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, whatever the weaponry," Pelosi said.

As conservatives said repeatedly after the Parkland massacre, which claimed 17 lives back in February, background checks are only effective if the government adequately enforces them and takes appropriate action in response to a potential threat when numerous red flags have been raised. The FBI had multiple occasions to stop the Parkland shooter prior to his horrific crime and did not apprehend him even after he said on the internet he planned to become a "professional school shooter."

Not only did the FBI fail to stop the Parkland shooter, but video also showed officers on the scene during the time of the attack hunkering down instead of charging in to stop the shooter.

Some of the gun control proposals in the wake of the Parkland massacre also ranged from being counterproductive to unrealistic. Here's what "National School Walkout Day" demanded:

  • Banning Assault Weapons & High Capacity Magazines / S. 2095

  • Expanding Background Checks to All Gun Sales / S 2009

  • Passing Gun Violence Restraining Order Law / H.R. 2598 / S. 1212

  • Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act / S.1856 / H.R. 1556

None of the demands listed would effectively curtail gun violence in the United States since most gun deaths do not come from AR-15s, but from handguns; just ask the media-ignored victims in Chicago.

The "Gun Violence Restraining Order" (GVRO) appears sensible on the surface but falls short upon digging deeper. Enacted in California, the GVRO essentially says that a judge can issue a temporary confiscation of a person's gun for up to 21 days if a family member waves a red flag. The gun owner usually does not know of the confiscation until the police come to their door. After the three-week moratorium, the judge can decide to extend the ban up to a year.

The problem with the GVRO is that family members typically do not see, and sometimes even dismiss, the red flags of their loved ones. Usually, red flags are raised by neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. It also fails to be effective if the shooter is a lone wolf with little to no family or loved ones.


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