Teen Vogue Applauds Black Panthers For 'Breakfast Program' On Anniversary

They left out some key details.

The handbook for tween leftists and feminists, Teen Vogue, celebrated the anniversary of the Black Panthers Tuesday by applauding the group for founding free lunch programs, political education classes, and their concept "radical self-defense," apparently forgetting that the Black Panthers, and their subsequent iterations were famous for, well, other things.

Teen Vogue Tweeted its congratulations to Black Panthers founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale and authored a glowing retrospective on the organization.

Teen Vogue applauded the Black Panthers in their article, crediting them with a history of "non-violence" spent agitating "for guaranteed income, affordable housing," and expressing "an opposition to the military, particularly the involvement of African-Americans in a military complex perceived as colonial."

Now all that is, technically, true. The Panthers did have primarily political goals, and they did create quite the free lunch program for underprivileged school children, but leaders of the Black Panthers were implicated in more than 30 murders, many of police officers. Seale himself was accused of murdering and dismembering a fellow Black Panther. That allegation was never proven, however.

Teen Vogue writes off the allegations as a "rumor" designed to sully the Black Panthers' good name.


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