Shapiro Reviews Debate With Megyn Kelly

On Thursday, appearing on the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, Daily Wire Editor-in Chief Ben Shapiro offered his opinions of the GOP debate, in which Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio effectively pummeled Donald Trump over his record.

Kelly asked, “Ben, you’re a Ted Cruz supporter. What did you make of his performance tonight and whether it advanced the ball for him?”

Shapiro responded, “Well, I think it didn’t hurt him. I think that Ted Cruz had to come out aggressive; I did think that he came out less aggressive. I think that he got more aggressive as the night went on. The big problem for Cruz is that he’s always very lawyerly in his attacks, and sometimes that’s great, as when he’s talking about Obamacare or Israel. But the truth is that Trump is a knife fighter; he’s more of a spoiled brat overgrown teenager who likes to get in insult fights, so the only way to really beat him that way is to just punch him in the face, and I think that Rubio did a pretty good job of punching him in the face with teenage insults tonight and they were pretty effective.”

Kelly asked, “Do you think that any of Cruz’s supporters are reconsidering Marco Rubio?”

Shapiro replied, “I think that there are some Cruz supporters who probably are reconsidering Rubio. The problem is, that again, that there are not a lot of late breaking supporters. I think that this thing none of these three guys are getting out and that means advantage Trump, unfortunately.”

See video below:

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