Lindsey Graham Just Said Something 'Utterly Disgraceful' About Ted Cruz

On Thursday night, Senator Lindsey Graham spoke at the Washington Press Club Foundation. While he was roasting who's left in the Republican presidential primary race, Graham made no bones about his hatred for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, saying, if Cruz were to be killed on the Senate floor, "no one would convict him."

Fox News contributor and The Weekly Standard Senior Writer Stephen Hayes immediately called the remark by Graham "utterly disgraceful."

The repressible comment, unfortunately, doesn’t come as too much of a shock from Graham. The disdain the senator has for Cruz has been well documented — especially during this election cycle.

Two months ago, Graham — in his typical five-beers-in staggering tone — pinpointed Cruz’s hard-line stance on immigration as the reason for Republicans losing the Hispanic vote. Graham also blasted real estate mogul Donald Trump for Hispanics who supposedly "don’t like us (Republicans)."

In January, Graham said that a Cruz nomination would mean "death to the party."

Earlier this month the senator appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer to hammer Cruz yet again, calling him "worse than Obama," an "opportunist," someone who "gets ahead at our expense," and a man who will "run down other Republicans" for his own advancement.

"If you're a Republican and your choice is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a general election," he said, "it's the difference between poisoned or shot -- you're still dead," said Graham during the CNN interview.

Additionally, Graham took the moments after Justice Antonin Scalia’s tragic passing to blast Cruz for not being a "moderate," and thus not someone who should be allowed to pick a Supreme Court justice.

No matter the bad blood, Graham’s comments were perceived to have crossed the line into "utterly disgraceful" for many.

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