Pantywaist Fascists Assault Disabled Man At Shapiro Event

The social justice fascists protesting The Daily Wire editor-in-chief's Ben Shapiro at a campus event at CSULA Thursday assaulted a disabled man who just wanted to walk in and listen to Shapiro's speech.

Jeffrey Minter, a researcher in the San Fernando Valley who says he is disabled due to nerve damage, is an atheist liberal who was curious to hear Shapiro's views and wanted to challenge them. But he couldn't, as the protesters completely barred the entrance to the speech. When Minter tried to walk through the wall, the protesters assaulted him.

"At first, I didn't know what was going on so I just walked to go in and I was pushed to the ground, and I was grabbed and they tried to rip my shirt," Minter told The Daily Wire. "And then they literally pushed me out."

Minter counted three moments where he was shoved to the floor, seven times where he was hit, and he was kicked in the shins numerous times.

"One time, they pushed me to the ground and I decided I didn't want to get back up anymore because they were going to keep shoving me so I laid down for about 15 minutes and they just stood around me," Minter said. "It was much better than being pushed."

John Oliver, a Los Angeles photographer who was also at the event, confirmed Minter's story and called the scene "mayhem."

"I saw a crowd...pushing him out literally, shoving him, and I saw him go past me out back towards the door," Oliver said.

Oliver told The Daily Wire that he was also subject to being shoved, elbowed and pushed by the protesters.

Minter won't press charges since he can't afford to, but he assured The Daily Wire that he didn't suffer any serious injuries, as they were nothing compared to the nerve damage in his arm.

"There is nothing they can do to make it worse than that," Minter said.


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